Today I proposed

Got down on one knee

With friends and strangers

All around me

She cried

She blushed

Unable to speak

Trying to get me off my knee

But I knelt proudly

Submitting to her

I waited till her head shook yes

As ring slipped over her finger

I felt the happiness

Consume me

I’m engaged

Even more in love


She’s my paradise
Hair like leaves of the palms
Swaying back and forth
As she walks
With her curvy hips
That I just want to hold onto
She turns to me
Her eyes deep like the oceans
Though they’re not blue
Brown pupils stare back
I can look into them forever
Her smile bright like the sun
Lighting up my world
Her laugh intoxicating
Like the drink in the coconut cup
Voice soothing
Like the crashing waves
Always cheering me up
Time always flies
When we’re together
But I have nowhwre to go
I love her so
She’s my paradise

Natural Beauty

I sit on the shore and stare at this beautiful lady
Who captures my attention in many ways
Her bright eyes pierce through me like daggers
Locking with mine in an endless gaze that I can’t break
Maybe looking into them was my first mistake

Her full lips must taste of fresh carambola juice
With just the right number of ice cubes
A refreshing experience a kiss on them would be
Her natural hair accents her already exquisite features
Falling and crashing on her shoulders as if a waterfall
She is in all aspects truly a rare creature all in all

I suppose her voice sounds like sweet Bouyon music
Able to put one’s soul at ease with much ease
Whisper to me, speak to me, sing to me please
In that patois that I would not understand
But would listen on just because of the way it trills
She smells of good food: roasted breadfruit, agouti, and crab
Wafting through the air and into my
Sending me on a craze and a longing to take in more
Of the beauty from the Isle of Splendor

Her brown skin is just the perfect shade
So that when the sun hits it, she glows
Just by looking at her my adoration grows
I figure that her figure leaves many trying to figure it out
Her curves move in and out and through and through
Like one of three sixty-five rivers winding down the jungle

To dance with her would be like taking a bath in the bay
Just like the waves that reach for the shore
Back and forth her hips sway
When she sewos oh when she sewos
The freedom in the way that she moves

The expressions that she displays on her face
The brightness that is in her smile
Is as beautiful as the place she’s from
This natural beauty from the Nature Isle