Unknown Effects

She has no idea the way she makes me feel

Every single day is

The best day ever

I never knew it could be like this

The bliss

That we share in each kiss

She’s my sunrise

My sunset

My moonlight

My gentle breeze

She is my everything

I just hope she gets to know that

The way she got to know me


She’s that light in the night

That gives my heart hope

And makes me feel safe

She keeps me warm

As I sleep

I love having her

Next to me

When she’s gone

Into darkness I plunge

I don’t have to wait for long

She always comes back to me

Through the emptiness

Back into my arms

I may protect her from harm

Yet she does so much

To help me with insecurities

She’s always here

Harmonic Love

Alone they were not ready

Yin, the dark side
Feminine and passive
Follows her gut
Lover of the moon and the night
Dark and cold from a life
Void of much happpiness
Submissive and quiet
Soft and still like the river
Always pulling inward

Yang, the lighter side
Masculine and aggressive
Leaves it all to logic
Here to enlighten
Bright up lives like the sunlight
A creative mind
Dominant and strong
Mind like a mountain
Forever reaching out

Together, they created love

Their love was cyclic
A never ending cycle of never ending love
Freely flowing back and forth
Together they give each other balance
The curve between them
Illustrates the yield to one another
And the mutual dependence
Their small circles showing
A little bit of each in the other
Yin and Yang mean harmony
He warms her while she cools him down
Love keeps moving around and around

Rocking Away to Peace

Suspended off the ground

I take in all the sounds around me

The soft crash of the waves in the sand

The breeze in the trees

I rock back and forth

Without a worry or care

All of me is right here focused

On the serenity

Hands behind my head

Eyes closed

At peace

Drifting off to sleep

Taking a journey to a far away place

If only just for a while


Red stands for the love that she can share
The strength to fight her own battles and fears
When she feels anger this is the color that is there

Orange represents that happiness that I like to see
When I’m around her, it’s the energy I feel
It is the color that brings makes her playful and lively

Yellow can be used for someone who is shy
But her intelligence is what caught my eye
Her light, even the sun can’t outshine

Green is what makes her so generous
Her youth is what makes life so joyous
Makes her o so vigorous

Blue symbolizes her immense tranquility
It depicts her undying dependability
It is what makes her so trustworthy

Indigo is the maximum of her beauty, the colour of infinity.
I think that’s why she’s always so sleepy
It represents her inner harmony

Violet is the reason she is so wise
It the color of mystery, building around her mind a disguise
Puts her on a pillar, royalty in my eyes

Red, orange, yellow, the colors of intensity
Green, blue, indigo, violet bring sensibility
When I look at her, all these colors show
Then one fact becomes clearly known
She’s my treasure at the end of the rainbow

You Don’t Even Know

You don’t even know
What you’ve done to her
Actions and words
Still eating at her

You don’t even know
How many pieces
I have to put back together
Cutting my hands and heart
Fixing dreams shattered
Holding everything in place
As it tries to come apart

You don’t even know
How bad’s the condition
After all this time
Of course it’s all conditioned
Every action over thought
Struggling to find
The right words to say
Fears weren’t always there
Now day by day
I help her fight them away

You don’t even know
What you’ve done
You don’t even know
What you gave up on

She Makes Me Smile

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

She doesn’t have to do much to be beautiful
She is in every aspect that you can see
I also know that she’s also beautiful underneath

She brushes of my kind words with a wave
Doesn’t believe that she is like a pearl
How do I tell her that in my eyes she’s no ordinary girl?

I enjoy holding conversations with her
There’s nothing I wouldn’t talk about
I’d talk all night about nothing…no doubt

Seeing her smile brightens up my day
I wish that she would stay that way
And no one would come and take it away

I want to be there for her when she needs it
She should know that I’m someone she can trust
I’ll let her figure it out herself…no rush

Something about her has a hold on me
I can’t look her in the face and not smile
It doesn’t matter how hard I try

Puns For You 12

Laughter fills the room

Caught you off guard with that joke

You face lights up as you smile

And it’s been a while

Since I saw it

I’ve taken up the job

Of making you happy

Whatever it takes

I’ll bring a smile to you

When you laugh

I do too

We go together like covalent elements

Sharing equally

Our smiles


And love

Puns For You 11

It may sound like I’m eggs-aggerating

But egg-streme is the love that I feel

I’m egg-static every time I see her

She keeps my days Sunny Side Up

So I’ve hatched a plan

To keep a smile on her face

For as long as I can

Her egg-ceptional beauty

Always leaves me in awe

Beautiful inside and out

Smile radiant and bright

Our love is egg-citing


Those around are always feeling

The waves of love that come from us

Their minds scrambled

Thinking about how a love like

This can exist

Absolute trust

Undying will to give

To share

She’s always cracking up at my jokes

Even when I think their lame

I’ll never egg-nore her

Never let her feel alone

Omelettin’ her know right now

That I l0ve her