I Hate This Poem

First of all I want to say that I hate this poem

Even though the words in it are so true

I hate every word in every line

All because this poem talks about you

That long walk we took was our last

From that day I left you in my past

But somehow your memory keeps coming back

Placing me under constant attack

I try to drown you with the happiness that I feel now

But you just swim up to the surface and pull me under

Why do I constantly think of what you have done?

Maybe because there was no closure

To the thing that we had

That ended the way that it did

It took me too long to realize

Even when I did find out

You felt that you didn’t have to apologize

So on that one word I wait

Until that day that you can finally say

That you were wrong


I hate this poem…

Because it talks about you


I’m sad…

But I’m also glad

That I moved on and found better

Remember that letter?

It’s been torn to shreds

All the feelings you supposedly put into it

Are now dead

Turned into the confetti…

To use at my party

Where the candle was your picture

That day I celebrated your departure

Better yet…

I celebrated the day I escaped your capture

Broke free from the spell

You were no longer the person for whom I fell

They say that time will tell

And it did…


I hate this poem…

Because it talks about you

I wish you’d run up to me again

Act like we were ever friends

All I’ll have to ask

Is if I know you

I want everyone around to hear too

That look on your face will be priceless

I have to confess

That it will be hard not to laugh

At the sight of you looking confused

I’ll simply walk away

With my head held high to the sky

Leaving you behind

Without hesitating to ever look back

You can call to me as much as you like

This guy does as he chooses

And as my feet hit the dirt one by one

I’ll chuck up the deuces


I hate this poem

I really hate this poem

Because I wrote it for   you

Angelically Demonic

She was everything I ever wanted

She could have been so much more

I thought she would be good to me

Such bad intentions she had in store

She let me treat her like a queen

But I was never in the position of king

To me this was for all the marbles

But obviously to her it was just a fling


She was such a divine beauty

Looking at her could hurt the eye

She was a splash of water

That left my mouth dry

My hero on the good days

On the others she was a villain

She was the one to start my day

Though it was doomed from when it began


She brought light to my life

And was still able to make it dark

She was my ocean of inspiration

She was also the great white shark

Being with her was like winning the lottery

Though at times I felt like I lost ever cent

She was my parachute when falling

Why did I always hit the cement?


I was happy to have her around

She was the one to keep me on track

She promised never to turn on me

Stabbed me in my face and not my back

She acted like such a modest woman

Walked, talked, acted with class

Little was it known to me

She was a snake in the grass

Always anxious to see her

At times I couldn’t wait

Had to give up on her

For she was always late


She treated me well when we were out

It was such an awesome show

Behind closed doors things happened

That many people will never know

In my day she was the sunlight

Also the rain in my skies of grey

She kissed me like I was the only one

She kissed the others the same way

She was a mysterious one

I tried to figure her out like a riddle

I found out that she was a musician

She played me like she would a fiddle


When I felt like I was freezing

She would take away the cold

But she didn’t appreciate who I was

Being with me must have gotten old

My glass was half empty

At times it was half full

Why could I not see

That this wolf was dressed in wool

She was ever so loyal to me

I could rely on her to cheat

She could make me feel empty

Even though everything was complete

She picked me up when I fell

Only to let me fall again

She said she would change for me

Today we are not even friends


She was everything I ever wanted

She could have been so much more

I thought she would be good to me

Such bad intentions she had in store