Come in many different forms

My “fore”fathers helped build the foundation…

That helped to give rise to this nation

They used to be kings

With all the power they could need

But their empires were destroyed by greed

Captured and sold off

Brought to a new land

Never giving up on who they were

They endured…

Over three hundred years


Giving rise to generation after generation

They gave rise to…

“Four” fathers…

Fredrick Douglas…


Believed in equality in all



It didn’t matter at all

W. E. B. Du Bois…


With his writings tried to change

The minds of stubborn men

To help all mankind live equally

Along with his colleagues

He founded the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

For short the NAACP

Malcolm X…


Spoke publicly about the injustice

Never afraid to speak

He was sought after to talk to students

Week after week

Martin Luther King Jr….


The man with a dream

An icon to many

Who could measure up to this man?

Not any…

Youngest to attain a Nobel Prize

All because he had a vision of equality in his eyes

Not without the help of some strong women

These fathers paved the way…

“For” fathers of today

To take a stand for themselves

Live for their families

Help raise the children

Without any hesitation

With the blueprints left behind

That could help raise the next generation

The four fathers passed on the baton

We just need to carry it on

And be strong…


(Note: Not all mentioned are in the image and vice versa)