That Drive (NF)

Thump thump thump

The sound echos throughout the room

It’s almost dark outside

Been here since afternoon

Thump thump swish

Another one made

This is the way this game

Was meant to be played

Thump thump squeak

Footsteps across the floor

Thump thump swish

Three points more

Thump thump…


Concentration wont break

Visualizes the completion

Then another one she takes

Follows through with the wrist

Then swish

Add one

Tired now

But still not done

Inhale Exhale

You can tell her all is given

By the way she breathes

Sweat rolls down the face

Wipe it off with a sleeve

Can’t let it get in the eyes

Distort the path to the prize

Thump Squeak Swish

She’s so good at this

Not for any other reason

Than that drive and constant…



She really loves this sport…