My heart

Is not a home

For a coward

So if you plan to live here

Prepare yourself

It’s unlike anyplace you’ve ever been

There’s no “safe” here

I’m spontaneous and unpredictable at times

You’ll need to be able

To make decisions on the fly

Because I like taking risks in love

You might feel like running away

From being so overwhelmed

You won’t know how to compute

But if you can handle it all

You’ll understand, maybe

Just how much a person

Can love you


Feel the fear and do it anyway

Take the leap

Take the step

Feel the adrenaline course through you

Fight or flight?

Don’t run away

Chase it till it has no choice

But to face you

Fears are only stepping stones to greatness

Meant to be overcome

The power lies within

Ready to be used when needed

It only takes the determination

To stop being afraid

Stand up for something

Before anything makes you fall

Stand up for yourself

Show the world what you are made of

You can do anything

As long as you give your all


White Knight

A valiant Knight

Who fought for what was right

Took an oath to be true

With his hand on his chest

Would do whatever it took

To finish his quest

So he slays the fiercest dragons

Scaled the tallest towers

Fought off black knights

Beat wizards with powers

He crossed the seven seas

Charted through the lands

All this he did

While just merely a man

All what he did

Would leave many amazed

No matter what

He was always brave

But when it was time to rescue the princess

She did not want to be saved…