Hillside Breezes

The blades of grass

Cut the wind that moves them

Moving back and forth in rhythym

Looking like an ocean on land

You can hear the rustle

As the waves of blades hit each other

I sit in this ocean

Watching the breeze travel

Around me

I close my eyes as it hits my face

Taking it all in

I’m at peace

Breath of Fresh Air

In this life
You never know who you’ll meet
All that can depend on
Picking the right seat
I was glad that I chose this one
For some reason she sat next to me
Everything happens for a reason
So what may this reason be?
My interest was quickly taken
Even my friend to my right could see

She was like the gentle breeze
That graces your face on a hot day


A breath of fresh air that still took my breath away…

Her voice was like the most beautiful song sung
A sweet sound to my ears


A tune that never before did I hear…

I was blessed to be just that close
She was like a painting in a gallery
One that you had to pay to see


And I got this glimpse for free…

I kept looking…
It was like at first sight
And it felt just right
Her smile was so bright
Shone with enchanting essence


She made the moon work had to remind of it’s presence…

Conversation went rather nice
Not hard to break the ice
Said all there was to say
Till we had to go our separate ways
My mind has been on her since then

I just hope that…
I get to see her again…