Yo-yo Emotions 

Up and down they bounce

Pushed down by bad days 

Left to rise in good ones 

Makes me think of being young

No matter what my face says

I was happy once

I can’t take all the back and forth

I just want to live free

This constant change is too much strain 

Through it all I remain positive 

Even though today’s a low day

One day I’ll be happy again 

At least I know I’m not broken…

Broken Eyes

My eyes must be broken

Leaking for so long

Just from a couple thoughts

I don’t want you to go

What am I going to do

Without you 

My eyes are broken 

They already long to see you

All the things about you

That gave them life 

My heart is broken

I feel it 

I know it

I’m going to miss you

Beyond my ability to describe 

Hurry up and come back

Fix my heart 

And my eyes

Let Go

I tried to help him

But my advice was just words to him

The trauma was just too much

He couldn’t let go

Barely slept
Without a visit from memories

Stirring him awake

He loved her

She broke him

Now he can’t trust again

Hard to find love again

But he tries

I know it’s vain

Because the fear

Of it happening again

Will cause him to push out all

Who come into his life

And who want to be there

The only way to truly move forward

Is to let it all go