Heart’s Wishes

My heart feels pain seen in my face

In times of solitude it makes me wish three wishes

In it’s place

Wishes that have been in there for so long

Because of everything that has happened to us

I wish I knew how to love without killing myself

Because sometimes I love the wrong people

Even love to much when I know I shouldn’t

I wish I knew how to mend hearts without breaking my own

Always giving more of myself to others

At the sake of my own happiness

I wish I knew how to kiss and not create bruises

My lips not knowing how to be gentle

Ravage others in the presence of passion

I feel the pain of my heart

But I have only one wish of my own

I wish all the pain would end soon

Bridging Their Love Lines

Far across the world they lay broken

In their beds

Each holding on to that memory

Of the night they first met

Which was also

The last time they saw each other

Two destined strangers

Who both had problems with their flights

Decided to grab coffee

While on delay that night

It was the first time in a long time

That either had laughed so much

At the end of the night she almost

Melted in his touch

As he brushed her hair behind her ear

She could feel his course fingers still

He could feel the place on his cheek

Where she planted the kiss goodnight

Watching her leave was a painful sight

They had barely shared

That their hearts were both broken

Though it could be seen in their eyes

Across many miles

They lived from one another

To fix their hearts

They only had to come together

Into Pieces or Stronger Than Before

The same hammer that shatters glass

Is the same one used to forge steel

When heartbreak hits

You are the one who decides

Whether you want to feel lost and confused

Or empowered to move on to better things


If you do shatter into a million pieces

There are people who are good

At putting all the parts back together again

You won’t stay broken for long, I promise


If you are forged into something stronger

You realize that the past cannot define you

The future is in your hands and opportunities

Are waiting to be taken

Love Lost

How did things end up like this?

A relationship gone down the drain

Somehow the love could not be maintained

Now they go through this every day

Arguments first thing in the morning

Fist fights throughout the night

Neither knows why they stay in the situation

Yet neither will make the steps needed to leave

No one on the outside can help

The heart wants what it wants they say

Her friends say that she deserves better

His say that she is not the one for him

They say that it’s not that bad

That’s until tempers run thin

Something’s got to give

This is not a good way to live

Where was the love that brought them together?

The fairy tale that started them off in the start

Pictures of good times together now torn apart

The screaming gets louder as the days go by

There seems to be no more tears to cry

Mending this broken love seems impossible to try

Maybe their waiting for it to go back to where it was

Though the bad times always outweigh the good

Something has to be keeping them together

Though it looks like it may never work they believe it can

Even though they might love each other

Their love remains broken

Eternal Anguish


How could this happen to me?

Fallen victim once again.

I swore it would never come to this.

I remember the day when

I was down on my knees,

Begging for a release.

Insomnia has become an unwanted friend:

There for me when all are asleep.

We became close easily,

Now a friend I hate to keep.

My head hurts…

Thoughts ringing through.

I don’t know what to do.

My voice is hoarse and ready to leave,

Surprised I can still shout.

Even if it were to go,

It’s something I can do without.

So I open my mouth

And let my heart scream:

It was becoming too much for the poor guy to endure.

Broke the down the lacrimal dams,

Let the tears leak onto the floor.

Their paths down my face

Are still clearly traced,

And their origins…

Just empty space.

My fists are clenched so tightly

That the flow of blood has almost stopped,

But through it all,

Not once has my pen dropped:

Bleeding every emotion that I feel

Onto these lines of these pages,

As I go through these stages

Of this thing called love.

In my chest it seems

That something is missing,


Faint beat.

I’ve lost the feeling in my feet,

Knees once again to the floor,

Asking for nothing more

Than to not be awake.

How much more of this

Will I have to take?

I don’t want to live

With this constant



Running From a Savior

Day by day I feel you start to slip
I try to tighten my grip…
But it always remains just to loose
Then I realize that you’re fighting
The stranger holding your arm
When I never meant you any harm
In your eyes…
I’m no longer the same…
I try calling your name…
But my voice is an unfamiliar sound
You don’t turn around
I walk away with my head down
What we were is all I ever wanted to be
Now it’s just a memory
You don’t know me…
Not anymore…
I really deplore
The way things are now
I don’t know how
They ever got this way
I thought you would always stay
I hope everything will be alright
I hope I make it through the lonely nights
I hope I don’t shed too many tears
Wishing you were still here
Then I remember
That at the end of my rope
I had almost given up hope
I let my white horse run away
And I hang up my armor
Because I could no longer save the day
I wish I could go back in time
Back to when you where mine
Back to the time that I…
I felt alive

Walking Away From The Pain

That glimmer in your eye

I try to catch it every time

Seeing it makes my day

And I wish I knew why

What did you do to me?

It happened too fast

I didn’t even see

Now a day without your smile

Is like a snow globe with no snow

I feel like a wanderer with no place to go

Just empty…

Around you I feel complete

Could you be the missing piece…

To this puzzle I’ve been trying to finish?

If you want me on my knees…

Well, here I am

When it comes to you, I have no need for pride

I’ll say it from mountain high

I want to be yours

And have you as mine

If only you could change your mind

Would you see what I see?

Could I be the one you need?

Just give us a try

Give me one night

One chance

To prove your intuition wrong

Hear my heart’s song

Let’s dance to the beat

If I could change your mind

It will be worth your while

Say yes with that beautiful smile

If not then give me one last kiss

I’ll walk away forever

You, I will miss

But Still…

She’s been broken and I see all the cracks

I see the scars on her back

The bandages are starting to peel

New ones need to be applied and I’m just the guy

Time has healed some wounds

Some have never gotten the chance to close

The lack of closure and expression leaving them exposed

She was unable to hold them all closed at the same time

She needed help to hold it all together

Happiness was needed to fill in the empty spaces

True love needed to be known

She held herself together for as long as she could all alone

No longer will that be the case

She had conformed to what she knew

So the old habits push away anyone new

Through it all I stand firm

I will not leave

I will push back until healing has been achieved

She was dragged through dirt

Been thoroughly hurt

Now I stand in the shower with her

Washing away the mess and the pain

Wiping away her tears

Saying it won’t happen ever again

With each kiss I see change

She smiles more

She forgets what she was put through

The road may be long

But it’s a job I love to do

She has been broken

But still…

I love h3r