Broken Optimism

Laughter fills the room
Everyone seems to be enjoying the day
But not him
He is in a corner thinking away
His eyes are focused
He is no longer in this world
He has entered his
Where nothing is ever what it is

Tap him and receive a blank stare
Like he’s looking through you
You can never know how he feels
Do you even know what he has to go through
He thinks about the life he lives
He sees that Live backwards is Evil
Hmm, now what does that say about life?

When you turn things around
They get a different sound
A different meaning
But why can’t he turn around bad
And get good
He would if he could

Look at the pain in his eyes
They tell no lies
They are filled with why’s

Why fall in love only to get your heart broken
Broken into so many different pieces
Pieces that you allow no one else to help mend
Mend back into something that can again love?
Why attempt anything when there is a chance to fail
Fail so horribly that you never again try
Try to get what you can never have
Have to be crazy for making the same mistakes over and over

“Smile, everything will be alright.”
If he could choose
He would never have anything
That he could lose

Life made him
Change from being Optimistic
Now when happiness comes
He rather opt to miss it

Come Back to Me

If I could turn back the arms of time today…
Then that ocean I cried for you would be all gone
Because I shed so many tears while building back these walls
That breaking down just for you took so long

When I felt like we were closer than ever
You showed me the greatest distance I could ever see
It was when I was right in front of you
And you could not see the love from me

My days were brightened by you…
Then when you left me everything turned to black
And even though it’s almost impossible
I’m still here waiting wishing that you’ll come back…