Beholding the Beholder

She sees beauty

All around her

Can’t wait for the rain to pass

To stare at the rainbow

Seashells in the sand

Quickly get scooped in her hand

Surround her with butterflies

And look at the wonder in her eyes

Yet I’m not sure why she’s surprised

When I tell her

How beautiful she is

To me


Round and round fly

The butterflies

In the blades of the swaying grass

She spins




The Butterflies

I want to walk over to her

But I resist and just look

She so beautiful

In her flowered white dress

No doubt to attract

The Butterflies

She loves them all

The yellow


And even the blues too

I sit in the grass and stare

At the woman I’ll say

“I do” to

Walking over

I create a stir

Sending into the air

The Butterflies

I hold her and kiss her

She melts in my arms

But I hold her tight

I look into her eyes

As we are encircled by love

And the flight of

Th3 Butterflies