Caretaker of the Green

You look at the grass on the other side of the fence

In your eyes it looks lusher and greener

It’s more full of life

You yearn to roll around over there

Because looking at your own lawn

Doesn’t have the same effect on you anymore

What if I told you that you

Could have grass just as green

The thing is that

The grass isn’t greener

It’s just better kept

I bet

That I asked you when was the last time

You sprinkled love

Or took the time to care for your lawn

You wouldn’t be able to answer

The truth is

That’s the only difference

You didn’t want to take the time

To trim the problem areas

You didn’t bother to weed out insecurities

You just wanted green grass with no work

No effort

The other grass is greener

That’s true


The problem isn’t your lawn

It’s you

Hard to Hate What You Love

I don’t care if you love me…
Do you?
Not that it matters
I dislike everything about you right now
But I love you so much
I despise every fiber of your body
Though I long for your touch
I can’t stand you around me…
Go jump off a bridge…
Wait! Don’t!

You walk around with another…
So what…
Go on with your life and forget about me
It’s what I hoped would be
I say all this while secretly wishing it was me
Wrapped in your stupid arms…
The sight of you makes me sick
But my eyes are peeled on you…
Waiting for you to look over here
Don’t you care?
Well I don’t…care…if…
You’re still not looking

Here you come, (sarcastically) great…
When I hear your voice I cover my ears
Not wanting to hear the sound…
Leaving spaces between my fingers
To hear every word you have to say…
You make me sick to my stomach
But you’re the only remedy for me
I love the person that you are…

I’m so upset…
But I can’t stop smiling at you
You make me so angry
Staying that way is hard though
Get away from me!
Still, don’t wander too far…
I need you here…
You can’t see it
I’m trapped in this tug of war
Between my heart and memories
I beg to be set free
From loving you so deeply
With no means of getting away
Feelings change with the day…
The hardest thing to do
Is tell you the truth that…
I want you to stay…