New Way

They took her for granted

So I can’t afford to do that 

I cherish every moment

Because I know we can’t get time back

They didn’t tell her that they loved her

So I do it twice as much

The scars they left behind

I kiss softly

Forcing them to fade away

She lost her smile

And I’m helping her find it

It’s about time she knew

Just how beautiful she is

Too Much to Change

It bothers me

You love me

So what do should you do

I’ll leave it all up to you

If I’m asking for too much

Then there’s nothing for you to touch

I’ll do what we promised not to

Stay quiet about the issue

Because hey

You hro


A question plagues my mind

If you could change for the worst

To please them

Only for them to walk away

Why can’t you change for the better

For someone that you know will stay?

The answer lies with me though

Because they forced you to be different

From the person that you were

And I

Would never force you

To be anyone who

You didn’t want to

Or couldn’t be

So I will suffer

Until you realize

That you can’t keep blaming the past

You are in control of your actions

You decide whether we crumble

Or whether we will last

Maybe It’s Me

No one wants this more than me
Is that why I nitpick?
I don’t expect you to be perfect
I know that I’m not
So why do I put so much pressure on us

I could let things go
Or just find another way to express
What’s wrong with me?
I may be obsessed
I just want it to work
But it is….

Maybe it’s not you
But instead me
And my need
To have everything just right
I keep chipping away at the masterpiece
One chip away
From destroying it all…