The Gamble of a Lifetime

Years ago looking into his future
He knew that it would end up being bright
Everything that he could ever wish for was in his sight
Things all changed the first day he picked up those cards
His life became shattered into many different sized shards

An intelligent young man on his way to being great
Everyone saw him becoming something one day
Life can easily be change by our decisions
So things did not stay this way

In the beginning winning came often
He was making his way up the ladder
But his ego got the best of him
He would take on any challenge
Because he believed that he would always win

Pride before a fall indeed
He fell to the lowest of depths
Put so much on the line at times that soon
He was drowning in debt

Life is one big game of chance
And he made one too many
He had a life, family, friends
And now he doesn’t have any
One by one they all left
When all their efforts failed
They spoke words of advice to no avail

He refused to listen to the ones who cared
Swore that they were all wrong
But they were right…
He suffered his greatest of defeats
Now his life is spent wandering the streets


Where I Want to Be

You bring out something in me
I always want to do my best
From the way I talk
To the way that I dress
You make me feel
Like it’s ok to care
And tell me nothing’s wrong
With shedding a tear
So much about me
You help to discover
I wasn’t before
But you made me a lover
Looking into your eyes
Made me realize
That I was once less
Until you made me more
I used to walk
But now I can soar
With your face in my hand
I can finally understand
That this is for me
And with you is…
Where I Want To be