All the Makings

He surprised her with a rose on her pillow

When he uncovered her eyes

Her face lit up

Chocolates littered the bed

Wrapped in wrappers

Of the brightest red

The room would have been dark

If not for the candles

Scattered about

Music filled the room

Smooth jazz

Setting the mood

It had all the makings

Of a good night


Her Night 03: Conflict

I can easily say
That this is my favorite part
As your legs I part
And look at that part
Of you that makes a part
Of me want to smile
I should take my time
Haven’t seen one like this in a while
Since this is our first introduction
A soft kiss I have to plant
Your body calls for me
A wish I’m willing to grant

This is just the beginning
There’s so much more in store
Before I start again
I kiss it once more
I want a better taste
So my tongue parts your lips
I try to look at your face
But your stomach has it eclipsed
I lick my way up
Then I lick back down
I’m going at it now
I’m no longer playing around

I like this so much
That I can’t help but lick away
The way I’m going at it
You would think it’s a buffet
I’m trying not to be too rigorous
As I massage your clitoris
Moaning is heard
As I give it a few flicks
That’s my cue to slow down
Don’t want you be done so quick
Then I take it into my mouth
Put it between my tongue and teeth
Then I start to nibble
As you grab onto the sheets

My hands move up your body
Time to add a certain stimulant
When I pinch your nipples
You begin to pant
I had a thought on my mind
No more will it linger
I lick one more time
Then I put in a finger
Twisting it around
Hitting that G-spot
From the expression on your face
I know you like this allot

Take that pillow off your face
Don’t be afraid to make noise
We’re here in the V.I.
I want them to hear you in Illinois
From the look on your face
I can tell that it felt nice
From the way you suffocated me
I can tell you came thrice
Lying on the bed
You look like you’re in peace
But it’s not over yet
Your night hasn’t ceased