Red stands for the love that she can share
The strength to fight her own battles and fears
When she feels anger this is the color that is there

Orange represents that happiness that I like to see
When I’m around her, it’s the energy I feel
It is the color that brings makes her playful and lively

Yellow can be used for someone who is shy
But her intelligence is what caught my eye
Her light, even the sun can’t outshine

Green is what makes her so generous
Her youth is what makes life so joyous
Makes her o so vigorous

Blue symbolizes her immense tranquility
It depicts her undying dependability
It is what makes her so trustworthy

Indigo is the maximum of her beauty, the colour of infinity.
I think that’s why she’s always so sleepy
It represents her inner harmony

Violet is the reason she is so wise
It the color of mystery, building around her mind a disguise
Puts her on a pillar, royalty in my eyes

Red, orange, yellow, the colors of intensity
Green, blue, indigo, violet bring sensibility
When I look at her, all these colors show
Then one fact becomes clearly known
She’s my treasure at the end of the rainbow