Come Back

It’s time for her to leave
But he doesn’t want her to go
There is so much on his mind
That he wishes she would know
He holds her once more
The feeling makes him calm
Just knowing that she’s here
Lying in his arms
He finally gets up
So that she can leave
He wants to tell her more
But he can’t even breathe
He walks to the other side of the room
He can’t stand to look
If he were a fish
She would be the hook
He walks back to her
Holds her once more
He knows in an instant
She’ll be out the door
He says “You know you can tell me anything”
She says “You can tell me anything too”
But he remains Silent
As his heart screams “I love you”
These feeling have been gone for so long
She was the one to bring them up
That’s why when she tries to go
He feels like a sick pup
She begins to leave
But he holds her hand
Does she even know how he feels?
Will she ever understand?
One last hug,
One last kiss
She’s still here
But already missed
The door is almost closed
There is just a slight crack
He just looks on
As his heart whispers…
“Come back”