​I know the smile on her face is a mask
Put up to keep the world from asking
Questions like what’s wrong
She’s growing on me
Though I haven’t known her too long
I know she gets stressed sometimes
Trying to figure it all out
We’re all in her shoes sometimes 
Never really knowing what life’s about 
When she starts to think
The snowball starts to roll
Before she knows it 
It’s spiraling out of control 
She tries to avoid complications 
That would only add on more stress
She’s looking out for herself 
Doing what she think is best 
Then along comes this guy
Who sets off all alarms
But works his way in anyway 
What are his intentions 
They all have them
No matter what they say 
Things start to feel
Filling us both with dismay 
She doesn’t want to deal with problems
I don’t want the problems 
To end up driving her away
I just want to take her far from it all 
If only it’s for a moment 
Forget about all the stress
Lose ourselves in good times
Not remember where the day went 
It’s complicated
Nothing is ever simple is it? 
My plans to help her feel better 
Are just another complication
Coming for a visit

My Comforter

I’m cold…

Where are you?

The only thing I need now

Are your arms draped around me

Gently and slowly warming me

Fighting back at this cold damp night

No jacket or sweater will do

This is no job for a quilt, blanket, or comforter

And on top of that I’m missing you

You comfort me more than you know

I reach out for your body

Then on my face disappointment is shown

Your absence drives me crazy

And I ponder not being alone

We should be cuddling

Rubbing noses together

Smiling at each other in the dark

Listening to the sounds of the weather

The droplets of rain dance on the window

As the winds softly blows in the leaves

And in here…it’s just you and me

Kiss after kiss and then another

Pulling one another in closer

Still trying our best to get warm

The molecules of our bodies swarm

In the each others direction

We can’t keep still

But why do I still feel this chill?

I open my eyes

And I suddenly realize

That is was only a thought

A second short of a dream

But still too far from reality

You’re not here with me

I’m still here alone

Where are you?

I’m cold…

Air Silence

Welcome to Air Silence
We hope you’ve heard the news
If blue skies are what you’re looking for
Then we are the airline to choose
We are always on time
Make sure to treat you better than the rest
You will always be put first
To that statement I can attest
You can bring all the baggage you want
That won’t change the price of the ticket
Once you’ve flown with this airline
You will be glad that you picked it

Security is top notch here
Your top safety is my goal
I’ll put your heart in the black box
And keep myself on patrol
No liquid is allowed on the craft
So please don’t bring any tears
I’ll try to keep you as comfy as possible
My arms resemble reclining chairs
We might run into some turbulence
No one said there would always be clear skies
I am ready to brave any storm
It does not matter what the size
Your past will not affect your service

Is does not matter from where you depart
The only thing we ask of you
Is to act accordingly when the flight starts
There are not many rules
To which you have to comply
Just get ready for takeoff
As into the sunset and to happy times…
We Fly