Keeps Me Grounded

Once, twice, thrice

Always so nice

She’s the one who’s there

When all crashes down round me

After going through hell

All that I would want to see

When I’m upset and confused

She tells me it will be alright

I listen to her every word

And I never put up a fight

Because when I’m listening to her

I know what she says is right

She’s the warm feeling

Deep in my soul

The one that helps me feel better

When all around seems so cold

The umbrella from the rain

Keeping me dry

The one that wipes of my face

If ever I start to cry

What would I do without her?

Where would I be?

Who would help me out?

Who would look out for me?

Lost without her

Like my own GPS

She always points

In the direction of success

She’s the best

Wish I had known this before

Now all I can do is watch on

As she walks out the door

Though it’s not closed

And is still ajar

Nothing else would seem

Up to par

Can’t find the words to describe

Anything anymore

So for this dedication

This is it…

No more…