My Missing Piece

Something has been missing

For a very long time

Now I have you

Because of You I have Youth

I feel like a kid on Christmas

Every day we spend together

Now that you are here

There is an Us leading to many just because

You give me so much love

Feels like I found a clover

Our relationship is a ride from which

I will never pullover

Every morning I rollover

I am glad that it’s next to you

You have given me your heart

Together we create art st

I can never wait for the next day to start

You are my missing piece

And you bring me peace

Making Her Whole Again

He was whole and she wasn’t yet

He wondered what he could do

To help her

Like she helped him

He would stare at her and ponder

Come up with ideas

To keep her happy

It wasn’t a difficult feat

He hoped that the love he had for her

Would help her eventually feel