I need an outlet

Sometime I find

That these thoughts plague my mind

And I realize that I need

A way to let them go

Let them flow

But I can’t find what I need

No one to run to

No one on whom I can lay

These thoughts that plague me

Day to day

I try my phone

But it’s so strange

Can’t find what I need in my contacts

Or on any social media app

Not on Facebook



Or Snapchat

I need an outlet

All I have is this notepad

So I let my fingers race

Word after word

Wait, not that word

Backspace, backspace,  backspace

A beep rings through the air

And I look to the source


I need an outlet


Where I Want to Be

You bring out something in me
I always want to do my best
From the way I talk
To the way that I dress
You make me feel
Like it’s ok to care
And tell me nothing’s wrong
With shedding a tear
So much about me
You help to discover
I wasn’t before
But you made me a lover
Looking into your eyes
Made me realize
That I was once less
Until you made me more
I used to walk
But now I can soar
With your face in my hand
I can finally understand
That this is for me
And with you is…
Where I Want To be

What Else Could It Be

When I hold you in my arms
It’s only you and I
I feel like I would do it all for you
But I have no clue as to why
When you’re looking at me
I fall so deep into your gaze
That I’m too amazed
To even look away
So I stare
And feel every hair
On my body stand on end
As this moment we spend

My heartbeat has become irregular
There’s a difference in its pace
Because when I see your face
I become alive
And I contrive
To always be by your side
And when I’m not
I close my eyes just to see you
I’m glad that I do
Because being away hurts the most
And this makes me feel like your close.

From the very second I leave
I miss you
I don’t know if you feel it too
You know, like
That feeling that you get
When it feels like something’s missing
Everything is ok
But you still feel down
Yeah, that feeling.
I refuse to hide
The way that I feel inside

Though it’s against the rules to say it
I can show it
I think you know it
By all the little things I do for you
Just because I know
That it will make you happy
And if that being happy doesn’t include me…
It wont mater
Because if you are I am.
You mean the world to me
And if love doesn’t exist
Then what could this be?

What Lies Beyond

To them it is more than just
The coming together of four lips
It’s what they give to each other
Before they take long trips
When the tears flow all over the place
He places one on her face

If he starts feeling weak
She gives one on his chee
She likes to feel them
Because her spirits they lift
She would take them in place
Of any ordinary gift

He gives her one
Right before they go to sleep at night
His way of showing her
Everything will be alright
Something to remember If he isn’t there to hold her tight

She plants one on him
After he’s had a long day
It’s her special way
To say That she’s here to stay

A kiss means the same thing
No matter what the season
Giving one at times
Requires no true reason

I’m here
I care
I love you
I love you too
Through good times and bad times
Nothing is as clear as this
The truth of love lies
Beyond A Kiss…