Blackened Pans

No one understands

Don’t think anyone ever will

But still…

I try

The fear of being alone

Mixed around with the need to give

This Love in my heart

Sprinkle in truth

Stir in attention and affection

Place it in the oven for six months

Everything done perfectly

A new recipe never before tasted

Because no matter the attention

Paid to the details of the recipe

The batch always comes out burnt

One day the entire house will burn down

Then they’ll understand

They’ll see the little things

As they sift through the ashes

Recipes for Love

Coffee in a cup

Wasn’t the best part of waking up

It was him holding her waist

As she stirred a pot of oatmeal

He kissed her cheek before getting a pan

To cook the eggs and bacon

Kisses were stolen while stirring and flipping

Until the meal was complete

Then it was time to eat


Later that night after work

They would once again meet here

She cut the chicken into pieces

He made the sauce for the pasta

Always with extra oregano

That’s how he loved making the Alfredo

They bonded while cooking

Mornings, nights, and in between

Extra love sprinkled into each dish

Made by this King and Queen