This State

The thoughts plague you

Your mind encapsulates them

While they continue to drive you


You want to talk to anyone

But no one will understand

At least that’s what you believe

Everything happens for a reason

Can’t seem to believe that

Never wanting to try new things

Or experience new places

You even shy away from new faces

Head filled with pain

As you stand in the rain

Wishing they would wash away

These thoughts inside you

An idle brain leaves you

So much time to think

About things you rather not

They rush toward you

You’re barely able to process one

Before the next comes

All you want is to be free

From the memories

From the pain

From the tears

It’s hard to fight

The despair

Let Me Out

Get me out of here!

The walls are closing in
The are littered with memories of times gone by
Times when I was down and out
Times when I cried

I can’t breathe!

It’s too much to take
If  I don’t get out soon
I’m afraid I might break
I feel so trapped
The last time I was here
I almost snapped

I bang against the walls
Looking for a way out
No one can hear me
No matter how loud I shout

Get me out of here!

Stop the noise!

I hear the voice of my younger self
I cover my ears
But I can’t stop the noise
The voices are all around me
They are ready and poised

“Useless” “Worthless”

Shut up!

“Remember when they left you?”


“You were never good enough.”

I try to fight them off but it’s tough
I have been thrown into a room
Somebody give me the key
Save me



Let me out…