We can’t hang up

We gotta keep texting

We’re afraid to go to sleep

Because then it’ll be morning 

And for the first time 

In such a long time

We don’t want morning to come

Because with it comes

Boarding passes

And goodbyes 

So we just stay up together

And cry

Excerpts from a Love Poem

Our last night…
I remember it like I’m there now
A better way to show my love
I don’t know how
Our tears became one steady stream
I could not put in words
Exactly what that moment meant…to me…

I wiped the tears from your eyes
And you wiped those from mine
Now…I wish your fingers were here
To once again make my face dry
But there are no longer any fingers
Softly running across my face
Where you lay with me before…
Is now filled with empty space

I wish you were here with me
I miss you like crazy
And It hurts to know that you’re gone
I never thought that you and I
Would be apart for so long

I miss your voice
Even your singing
Listening to the stories you’d tell
I miss hugging you
I miss the way you feel in my arms
I miss your smell
I miss looking into your eyes
My senses are going crazy
Because I’ve lost a familiar stimuli
They refuse to tell you goodbye

Your smile is bright enough
To make all my days clear
Picture perfect
No other can compare
No matter how you wear your hair
You’re always my maiden fair
You mean the world to me
You make me feel like I can do it all
You’re there when I need a shoulder
Always at the end of the line when I call

I wish I could be there for you
For now…look for me in your heart
You’re here in mine
So we’re never really apart

When I think of how much I miss you
Tears slowly come to my eyes
But when I close them I can feel you
Right here by my side…