I wrote something for you

That you’ll never read

Because sending it isn’t me

That’s not who I am

But I’m being pushed to the darkness 

Where certain actions become so easy

I won’t be there one to blame 

When the beast comes out 

That no one can tame

Ready, Set, Love Valentine’s Contest Entry

In a world of darkness, we search endlessly for the light that will shine bright enough to scare away everything that has been keeping us down. She is my light. She has always been my light. As I bumped into all the wrong people while walking through the darkness, she was there for me, showing the way. When I finally decided to take the light into my hands, I realized just how bright she was and all the things that she changed in my life. I smile more, I laugh more, and I live more, for her love makes me feel so alive. I love loving her and knowing that the future will forever be bright. Each day I do my best to thank her for the love that she gives me. I will love her, my best friend, my everything, for the rest of my life.