Putting A Flame to It All Part 5

Those three little words that I could barely make you say

I don’t know if me telling you was a mistake

But I would rather that I never did

You forgot what those meant

When you were angry

You did not prove the words

When you constantly hung up on me

Unreturned phone calls

Messages with days delay

Didn’t really say those words

For all the times I stood alone

Waiting for you to come by my side

Unbeknownst to me

You were already in the arms of another

I can’t take back

The words I told you

But I can get let go of the memories

I can burn them away

The Absence is Troubling

Imagine laying in bed alone
Because the one you love is not home
Tossing and turning, unable sleep
The idea of not knowing is enough to drive you crazy

Where is my baby?
It’s been hours now
No call…no text
As time continues to fly by
The phone becomes your focus
Eyes peeled and ears awaiting
Looking out for that vibration followed by a ring
C’mon…give me something

Your body tells you to go out and look
Search high and low
Until you know
That they are safe and sound
You jump out of bed, heading for the door
Keys in hand
But reason asks
What if they come
When you’re not here
Then they would be the one clenched with fear

You decide to stay and wait it out
Heart filled with doubt
That something has gone wrong
Wishing that it wont be long
Till you are able to rejoice
To the sound of their voice
Though the wait is more
Than you can stand
You sit waiting
With your head
In your hands

Putting a Flame to It All Part 3

I was afraid that

No matter what I did

I’d see you

I’d hear your voice

Visiting places we went

Would cause the memories

To rush back into my head

That was my biggest fear

It almost consumed me

I had to take control

I had to move on

I did

Now I don’t think about you

You’re a distant memory

And the fear is gone

Putting A Flame to It All Part 2

Remember you said you cared?

I do.

You said you’d never leave

I was told by you

That I was

Everything you ever wanted

And more

I was an upgrade

Better than all the rest

You professed so much

My foolish self

Believed it all

I should have known better

Don’t know why I’m stressing for

Because nothing you said

Matters anymore

Putting A Flame to It All Part 1

You promised me forever

Then you showed me just how short it was

You said that we would always be together

Just another lie you told

So I am burning everything

All the memories of

All the things that remind me of you

The first one is

That together forever

Was never true

The Gamble of a Lifetime

Years ago looking into his future
He knew that it would end up being bright
Everything that he could ever wish for was in his sight
Things all changed the first day he picked up those cards
His life became shattered into many different sized shards

An intelligent young man on his way to being great
Everyone saw him becoming something one day
Life can easily be change by our decisions
So things did not stay this way

In the beginning winning came often
He was making his way up the ladder
But his ego got the best of him
He would take on any challenge
Because he believed that he would always win

Pride before a fall indeed
He fell to the lowest of depths
Put so much on the line at times that soon
He was drowning in debt

Life is one big game of chance
And he made one too many
He had a life, family, friends
And now he doesn’t have any
One by one they all left
When all their efforts failed
They spoke words of advice to no avail

He refused to listen to the ones who cared
Swore that they were all wrong
But they were right…
He suffered his greatest of defeats
Now his life is spent wandering the streets


It’s Your Own Fault

You’re nothing like her




Is that what’s got you mad?
Knowing that you mean nothing anymore
I’m happier now
Happier than when I was with you
While you whither alone




That’s all you’ll ever be
How do I know?
Remember I knew you
Better than you knew yourself?
I know you’ll never change
Even for the best
Stuck in your ways
Pushing all away
You don’t enjoy being happy
Overly negative for no reason
Always wearing that bad attitude
And that makes you ugly




It must pain you
To look at what you gave up
Look at how beautiful it is
Look at how happy we are together
You always insist on being a bitch
You’ll never have something like this




You Jumped in the Deep End

He’ll never love you y’know

You’re barely second best

The rest doesn’t even

Need to be said

Then again

You should know

I mean you were there

Now you’re in the shoes

Of the one before

Who you can never replace

You knew that

Before you got in

Didn’t you?

You didn’t know

How deep you got in

Who’s desperate now?

Her Wounding Words

She sits and thinks of the things said

Wonders if the words used were the right choice

She didn’t want to be angry with him

But couldn’t help but to scream and raise her voice

Tired of all the troubles she was facing

Just had to make someone hurt just as bad

So she lashed out at everyone close

Even when they did no wrong

Every little thing cause an uproar

There were always eggshells around

Then china hit the wall and things fell to the ground

Maybe some time to think will do her well

Taking a moment to just get away

Think of how to tell them sorry

So that they will be able to stay

Is it too late to apologize?

Will he think she is sincere?

She thought the feeling was bad before

But now the fact of losing him has her truly scared