Right Way (Deeper)

She was conditioned

Made to see

Love in a certain way

She expected him to love

The way they did


He let her down

Which lifted her up

For he did not use her body

He loved her the right way

He loved her with his trust

He loved her with his eyes

The words that flowed

From his mouth

Made her feel more loved than

She had ever felt

He loved her with his time

And in time

She would realize

That this is what love means

This is what love is

It’s deep

Deeper than she ever imagined

Sh3 drowns in it


Deep Within

Look within yourself and you will see

There is nothing that you can’t be

As long as you believe

Anything can be achieved

Step forward from the line of normals

And be your own person

Take a stand for what you believe in

Never be afraid of what people may say

Because you’re the one

Who has to live with yourself at the end of the day

Why quit?

Before you’ve even tried

Keep pushing for what you want

Even when denied

If you do nothing to create change

Then it may never come

Never say can’t

If it’s something you really want

Then go for it

Negative words should be

A fuel to your mental fire

Don’t let them tear you down

Or push you around

Stand firm in the face of adversity

Your true greatness is yet to be seen…

What Lies Beyond

To them it is more than just
The coming together of four lips
It’s what they give to each other
Before they take long trips
When the tears flow all over the place
He places one on her face

If he starts feeling weak
She gives one on his chee
She likes to feel them
Because her spirits they lift
She would take them in place
Of any ordinary gift

He gives her one
Right before they go to sleep at night
His way of showing her
Everything will be alright
Something to remember If he isn’t there to hold her tight

She plants one on him
After he’s had a long day
It’s her special way
To say That she’s here to stay

A kiss means the same thing
No matter what the season
Giving one at times
Requires no true reason

I’m here
I care
I love you
I love you too
Through good times and bad times
Nothing is as clear as this
The truth of love lies
Beyond A Kiss…