Lingering Stare

Her stare lingers on me

She looks over her shoulder

No words are exchanged

Just a stare between lovers

The longer we’re connected

The more I feel myself falling

A desire for her bulds in my stomach

I want her

I crave for her touch

She smiles at me

Still staring

She bites her lip

Maybe she’s feeling

The same thing I am

Stepping forward

She comes to me

She kisses my lips

There’s no hunger or desire from either of us

It’s soft and gentle

The lack of eroticism entices me

I want her more than ever right now

The Kiss They Never Forgot

They walked out of the restaurant onto the street

Only after a few steps

The sky opened up

She tried to run away

He would not let her wrist go

Back to him she was pulled

Then it started slow

A kiss that make her breath catch

All around them the droplets fell

She was deeply under his spell

Her hands never left his neck

His embrace grew even tighter

Their lips never parted

Though in between kisses

They would taste the rain

But it could not wash away

The taste of the other

The hunger they had for one another

Kept them in the moment

They were soaked in rain

But even more soaked in love



Have you ever listened to someone


With more than just their lips

And crave more from their mind

You want to find the source

You get drawn in by every word they say

They speak so differently from everyone else

Ever spoken to before

Your words for once are understood

They take in what you say

Then reply on the same level as you

Hours go by and talking continues

Intellectuals passing the time in conversation

Sharing thoughts and ideas

Truly understanding one another

It’s enough to cause some to fall

Attraction can build

Emotions may rise

Intelligence heightens the attraction

Till it becomes desire

For this

Sexy new edge

Afternoon Delight

It’s that time of the week again
When I know you’ll be passing by
Guaranteed to drop in
Whether it’s sunny or cloudy skies
My phone starts to ring
I could time it like clockwork
You say you want to come over
Because you need to do work
We both know that wont be the case
Open the door to that smile on your face
We embrace
You run your fingers through my hair
Start tugging on the ends
I take a bite of your neck
Let that ecstasy extend
To the highest heights
I close my eyes and reminisce
On that kiss…
Oh that kiss…
Our tongues battling each other
In an epic scene of pure passion
Sucking it all up like its that last ration
I don’t want to fuss
But my tongue’s adventurous
A moan is all I hear
As I move to your ear
Take care
Can’t have you melting all over already
Keep your knees steady
Pressed up against the wall
Just so you wont fall
You know what you should call?
My special name
Clothes hit the floor
Bodies wanting more
On to the bed
Rest your head
When it comes to body
Your more than ampe
Can’t wait to get my sample
Take notes and observe
As I run my fingertips across your curves
I think I hit a spot
It’s not cold enough to shiver
So I guess that was just a quiver
My tongue knows just where to go
Starting from your toes
Calves, Thighs
You won’t get this with ease
So I’m about to tease
Until you say please
Licking everywhere but there
Your hands in your hair
When I finally decide to go
You break out the “Falsetto”
Good thing the music’s on
Playing just the right songs
“Let me take you down”
I ain’t playing around
“Who can do you like me”
Switch the roles
“Let me cater to you”
Nummy do you
It’s not magic
But you make that stick disappear
Into thin air
Now you see it…
Now you don’t
Rock, paper, scissors
Winner get’s to be on top
You always pick paper
So I choose rock
Hope you ready for that
Face frozen in place
As it takes up all the space
You pulling me in
Begging for more
Never had it like this before
Stroking and grinding
In rhythm with the beating clock
Hope you enjoying that
We finish not to late or too soon
Fall onto the bed exhausted
Based on all the fun we have
Girl, I just might
Have to call you…
My Afternoon Delight