Down the Line

When I look at where I came from

And what I went through

To get to you

I’m thankful for all the trials

All the arguments over nothings

I’m glad I learned to love stronger

Each and every time

Because in the end

You get the greatest love

That I would have ever

Been able to give

The Clear Winner

Life can be tough

Sometimes even unfair

If you follow your heart

Stay true to yourself in the hard times

All the sadness will have been worth it

Relationships gone awry

You never understood why

It always felt like you were on the losing end

Because you got nothing out of it

Little did you know you were heading

To where you needed to be

The experiences were just lessons

Things that you needed to go through

Now look at you

You’re ready

For the love you have been waiting for

You no longer feel like the loser

Now that you know

There’s only one sure thing

In the end nothing else matters

Because love always wins

They Always Knew

I don’t need you to protect me she said

He replied with one word: Tough

It would always be his job

He knew this today

As well as he knew back then

I will never stop loving you he told her

Her reply was a jab at his: Tough

His love was all that she needed

She knew this today

As well as she knew back then

Tough was his love for her

Tough was her love for him

It would always come to this

This was their destiny

From the beginning

Hearts Find Each Other

I believe that our hearts

See through our chests

Past the rest

To the one that beats

Closest to the sound

Of it’s own

Sometimes we ignore

The pull

The attraction

Because we’re too busy

Looking with our own eyes

While these lil guys

Try to show us the way

Then there are times

When we listen

Because we feel

The connection

That’s when love

Feels the best

Bridging Their Love Lines

Far across the world they lay broken

In their beds

Each holding on to that memory

Of the night they first met

Which was also

The last time they saw each other

Two destined strangers

Who both had problems with their flights

Decided to grab coffee

While on delay that night

It was the first time in a long time

That either had laughed so much

At the end of the night she almost

Melted in his touch

As he brushed her hair behind her ear

She could feel his course fingers still

He could feel the place on his cheek

Where she planted the kiss goodnight

Watching her leave was a painful sight

They had barely shared

That their hearts were both broken

Though it could be seen in their eyes

Across many miles

They lived from one another

To fix their hearts

They only had to come together

A Lifetime of Emotions

Years from now we’ll look back

Once again telling

The story of our love

Smiling at all the times

I made you cry

With my surprise gifts

And with all the little things

You never thought I’d notice you loved

We’ll tell them that arguments

Were few

Even if one came up

It was handled with love

We never went to bed angry

One of our biggest rules

Throughout the day

We always checked in

With a sweet little text

All the adventures we took together

Never knowing what was next

You’ll blush as usual

When I say

That I still fall in love

Every day

To this day

I’ll smile when

You tell them how I saved you

Let you be free

To be


We’ll kiss

Then I’ll caress your face

And see

The same person I’ve loved

For this lifetime

Ready, Set, Love Valentine’s Contest Entry

In a world of darkness, we search endlessly for the light that will shine bright enough to scare away everything that has been keeping us down. She is my light. She has always been my light. As I bumped into all the wrong people while walking through the darkness, she was there for me, showing the way. When I finally decided to take the light into my hands, I realized just how bright she was and all the things that she changed in my life. I smile more, I laugh more, and I live more, for her love makes me feel so alive. I love loving her and knowing that the future will forever be bright. Each day I do my best to thank her for the love that she gives me. I will love her, my best friend, my everything, for the rest of my life.