Hardest Simple Question

We’ve known each other for a while now

We have been through so much

Tears, Smiles, Arguments

And through it all

We always find our way back

I to you and you to me

I believe that we were made for each other

And there’s something I want to ask…

Without you in my life

Nothing makes much sense

I fell in love with you from the start

You fill up the entire volume of my heart

It beats the syllables of your name

This is no game

I want to wake up to your face each morning

And fall asleep with you in my arms

Make me the one

Who protects you from harm

With me is where you should be

I’m not perfect but tell me who is

I can’t promise that you’ll always be happy

Or that you will never cry

The most that I can do is to try

It’s the least that you deserve

You mean the world to me

I want to show it to you in the best way

Take a walk with me

We’ll be gone for a while

But I’ll always be by your side

Make me the happiest man ever

What I’m asking is…

Do you have any plans for forever?


First and Last Loves

~ First Love ~

Falling in love for the first time
Such an immensely surprising feeling
It washed over me like nothing I ever felt
Hard to even describe how it started
But I remember clearly how it ended
Swiftly and bitterly
Without any hope of being mended
I put so much work in to make things right
Unable to stop things from going wrong
My first love did not love me for long
It was then that I started to believe
Good things were not for me
I was left asking myself if love was worth it
All the pain that I had to endure
How would I do this anymore?
Showing so much vulnerability
My first love taught me that trust cannot be given easily
I did not look forward to being in love again
I knew I would never forget what was done
For me there was no one

~ Last love ~

When I met my last love I got that feeling again
I was swept off my feet
Once more head over heels
Then I felt fearful
I would not relive the past again
I had been able to stop myself before
Still the ability to grow on me
Could not be stopped
I found myself in love once again
I learned so much from my love
I was taught that I should let go of the past
That I don’t have to be afraid to love again
Good things do have the ability to last
Being in love again
Erased all I have been through before
The warm felling I felt
Melted the ice that the first created
I was so unbelievably elated
I let my last love in and it was for the better
Such a refreshing change from the first
All I needed to do was let go
Stick with my new love and together grow

Look For Me

This one is for you

Yes just for you

Now if only I knew

Who you could be

You see…

It’s been fifteen years

Since we first met

But we haven’t yet

I wonder…

If you remain a remnant

Of my dreams


You’re literally the girl of my dreams

Back then I couldn’t wait to sleep

Because that meant another adventure

What would we do tonight?

Who would we be?

Our baby was once taken by the M.I.B.

We fell in love over and over

I don’t care if they were only dreams

In my eyes you were real

I felt every kiss

Every hug

Like you were right there with me

I missed you

It was you who made me believe

The possibility

That dreams could become reality


I tried to find you

Searching the phone book

Then I saw all the people with the same last name

And learned that everyone wasn’t in it

I almost gave up hope…

I put off my search

Because the task was too daunting

But my dreams…

You were still haunting

Just in a good way

The dreams though

Stopped one day

Did this mean that you’d gone away?

Would I never again see your face?

Feel your embrace?

What did I do?

To have to lose you?

If I could bring you to life

I’d choose to…

If this is such a small world

Why haven’t I met this girl?

I held on to your memory

Even to this day

I’ll never forget your name

I’ll look for you wherever I go

And if you are out there

When you see me

You’ll know…

Ms. Sunfire Jones…

Love Is

Love is more than money could ever buy
That’s a too common fact
Love is much more than beautifully written words
It’s more than just saying three words at the right moments
I see that now…
Love lies in the things we miss
It’s the little things…

Love is letting them know that they can trust you
That they can believe in you
It’s never making them fight
It’s not having them wonder if it’s right
It’s not keeping them up at night
Not having to make them look for reasons to stay
Love is letting the world know
That you’re happy right where you are
It’s thinking before you act
And how these actions will make them feel

Love is learning from your mistakes
Changing and growing each time
It’s making less as time goes by
So that they don’t have to cry
Love is saying one thing
And doing that one thing
Not another…
It’s placing that person
Above all others…

Love is fighting for them
Till you can no longer stand
Love is writing you names on stone
And not in the sand
Love is being there when they need you
Answering them when they call
Love is being there to catch them
Knowing you’ll never let them fall
Love is being as unquestionable as one can be
I guess you can say
That to love means to ensure security

Love is…
So hard to describe
Love is knowing someone so well
That the two of you become one
One love
Love is knowing they’re all you need
Being completely satisfied
It’s crying knowing that you’ll lose them
Because they mean so much to you
And because they’re all you want to know
Love is never letting go

Where I Want to Be

You bring out something in me
I always want to do my best
From the way I talk
To the way that I dress
You make me feel
Like it’s ok to care
And tell me nothing’s wrong
With shedding a tear
So much about me
You help to discover
I wasn’t before
But you made me a lover
Looking into your eyes
Made me realize
That I was once less
Until you made me more
I used to walk
But now I can soar
With your face in my hand
I can finally understand
That this is for me
And with you is…
Where I Want To be

It’s Official

We promised today that we’d let the world see
The truth in what we both feel
We belong to one another
Now and forever
You and I will remain together

Anniversary Zero
This is where it begins

From this day I tell them all
That I will always love you
I will cherish you
You will be protected
Never neglected

It’s official
Girlfriend and boyfriend
Presented to the world
No matter what may come
She will always be my girl

I trust her to be there for me
To continue to stay true
She will be my motivator
Does all she says she will do
She will be there when I’m down
When I’m at my lowest
She’ll turn it all around

Together we’re going to make our dreams real
Together we’re going to start traditions
Never sleeping when angry
Always going to bed in love
Snuggle, cuddle fitting together like a glove
Waking up in each others arms
Breakfast in bed always works like a charm

It’s official
I love you
They all know it
I love you
And forever
I’ll always show it

Enough is Never Enough

Moving on…
Two words that to them…
Had little meaning
Because neither could fight
What they were feeling
Just one glimpse was deal sealing
Arguments were few
Smiles were much more
Her, He loved
Him, She adored

He couldn’t get enough of her smile
She meant the entire world to him
He just wished she would always know
He’d never leave her side…where would he go?
She couldn’t get enough of the way he’d make her laugh
Damn his charm
When she was cold he was the one there to keep her warm
His hands were the ones to wipe away her tears
He said he did and showed that he cared

He loved the way her face fit into his hand
No other could have the same feel
When looking into her eyes
One thought came to mind: this is real
She loved the hugs and kisses
How he could be everything she expected
Looking into his eyes
She felt protected

He could never stay mad at her
He never wanted to cause her pain
He only wanted her happy
And to cry never again
When she was mad at him
It would never last
He just had this way…
Of making her laugh…

They were in love
So deeply that they were
Drowning in it
And they knew
That no matter what would come
Good times or bad
They’d be loving it…

What Else Could It Be

When I hold you in my arms
It’s only you and I
I feel like I would do it all for you
But I have no clue as to why
When you’re looking at me
I fall so deep into your gaze
That I’m too amazed
To even look away
So I stare
And feel every hair
On my body stand on end
As this moment we spend

My heartbeat has become irregular
There’s a difference in its pace
Because when I see your face
I become alive
And I contrive
To always be by your side
And when I’m not
I close my eyes just to see you
I’m glad that I do
Because being away hurts the most
And this makes me feel like your close.

From the very second I leave
I miss you
I don’t know if you feel it too
You know, like
That feeling that you get
When it feels like something’s missing
Everything is ok
But you still feel down
Yeah, that feeling.
I refuse to hide
The way that I feel inside

Though it’s against the rules to say it
I can show it
I think you know it
By all the little things I do for you
Just because I know
That it will make you happy
And if that being happy doesn’t include me…
It wont mater
Because if you are I am.
You mean the world to me
And if love doesn’t exist
Then what could this be?

The Way She Makes Me Feel

She can bring a smile to my face without even trying
And with her smooth flowing voice
She speaks directly to me
On my attention she has a tight hold
As though she’s whispering to my soul
Having me hang on to every word like it’s the last
Like the greatest story ever told present future or past

Conversations with her are not lost
Each one having the subject of something new
Time spent is enjoyable as anything can be
With her there’s always something to do
When I’m around her it feels like
Like, you know that thing you just can’t explain
Brings about things in me that I can’t ascertain

She shows me what a real woman should be
Her head firmly placed on her shoulders
Making decisions that will benefit her
Always seems ready for the future
Knows the path that she wishes to take
With a dedication that no one can brake

The entire package with a ribbon at the top
Beauty and brains, good times non-stop
From her head to her toes she is a sight for sore eyes
And she also let’s you see what lies inside
Just ask, for she has nothing to hide

She makes me try harder than I did before
Doing my best partially with intent to impress
She always shows genuine interest
She can make a day better better than it ever was
Nothing else matters, like the world is on pause
And I always want to see her just because…
I can’t tell if this is a dream or real
That’s just the way she makes me feel…