Our Own World

They may never understand 

The love that we share

But we do

They may wonder how we do it

Question why we’re so happy

But we don’t 

We don’t doubt

We may fight 

But the fight for one another 

Is always stronger

They can think 

Whatever they want 

We love in our own way

And that’s all that matters


I want to take you on a date

But it won’t be normal

The sun Will barely be up

I’ll pour cocoa in your cup

Stack of pancakes and some eggs

Sticky syrup all over the place

Bacon on the side of course

Sit up in bed and take the tray

Breakfast in bed to start the day

Flower in the vase as bright as you

Kiss on the forehead

As I get my own food

We’ll go back in time

And watch Saturday morning cartoons

Different kind of date

For my special lady