Any Expression Is Good Expression.

My girlfriend is very shy and closed up when it comes to things that are on her mind. It’s because of her past. She was never allowed to voice her opinions to her family or to her exes.

Now with me, she is falling into her past conditioning. All I do is what I can do in this situation. I sit, or lie down, and wait for her to gather her thoughts. Then I help her get to where she needs to go. Here and there I ask questions, but I just let her rant and I input whenever she gives me the cue to. I understand what she has went through, so this is easy for me.

Furthermore, she has a blog where she expresses the dark and painful feelings that she feels. It seems easy for her to write her feelings away. Easier than talking to me at times.

She asked me a while ago if her posts make me feel “a way”. Meaning if I am bothered by them. Of course not. She is used to her significant other wanting to be the one spoken to first about everything. I am not like that at all.

When it comes down to it, I still get to read them and go over them with her at the end of the day. So, her expressing herself online eventually turns into her taking to me.

Of course it’s healthier for her to express herself to me in terms of the relationship, but as long as she’s getting things off her chest, it is fine by me. I will still love and treat her the same either way.

Checkout her work: Hikari Aie

The Problem With Being Different

Sometimes it sucks being a breath of fresh air. You would think that by being different from the rest, different from the past, that you would have an easy time showing someone that you can be there for them. Oh, how mistaken you are.

Human nature makes us question new things. We are hesitant to try new things, too keen on attempting something that we know will fail or going back to a place we were never happy. It’s scary, even overwhelming to have something new thrust at you. You don’t know what to do with it because you’re not used to having things the way they are. Deep down, you always know that it’s better.

This has been my experience in life. I’m different from most guys in that I’m more of a romantic and I don’t tear people down. I am selfless most of the time. Accused of being “too nice” more times than I can count or bother to count.

Currently, I am being called “too good”. I don’t yell or argue. I let her set the pace of the conversation and no matter what is said, I am not affected in a way that makes her feel like she’s done something wrong. I feel like I am giving her the impression that she has to be perfect. I don’t want perfection, never did. I love her as she is and always will.

I just need to help her get past her fear of the new and unknown.

Different Faces, Different Minds

I’m tired of going through this act

Another female acting all whack

I wasn’t the one who did those things

But you believe that somehow I will

Why are you always on edge about me?

Please, I insist you take a chill pill

Maybe I’ll care just a little more

Why not just wait and find out?

Everything I say is taken with a grain of salt

You’re never sure and always in doubt

Not all guys are the same

It’s more than just a difference in the name

Not all men are dogs

Some things we do is in our nature

You don’t do it with us

And you expect us to always act mature

What is all the hostility for

Even if I’m an ok guy

I still don’t get a chance to try

And no explanation as to why


Before you chop me up

And tear me down because I’m a male

Just know that I could be doing the same

And generalizing you with the bad females

You know…

The ones that are all about the green

The ones that are just plain mean

The ones who only care about what is seen

I could place you into a category like that…

But I don’t…

Everyone deserves a clean slate

But it seems like I’ll be judged before I’ve begun

Don’t see why I pay for what someone else has done

If your mind is made up…

Then that’s fine…

Next time just try to look deeper at the person

Who fits into the outline…



Right Way (Deeper)

She was conditioned

Made to see

Love in a certain way

She expected him to love

The way they did


He let her down

Which lifted her up

For he did not use her body

He loved her the right way

He loved her with his trust

He loved her with his eyes

The words that flowed

From his mouth

Made her feel more loved than

She had ever felt

He loved her with his time

And in time

She would realize

That this is what love means

This is what love is

It’s deep

Deeper than she ever imagined

Sh3 drowns in it


Started Writing A Haiku

I want to hold you
Wrap you in my arms forever
But I don’t want to

Write a simple Haiku

Too many words to express what you mean to me

Three lines would be concise

To the point



No fun in that


The world needs to know that

I love you

But it wont be told with the 5 7 5

Maybe next time

Today I will write on

Because endless lines would still leave space

For the feelings held within me

And between the lines

Would still be volumes

I could write till my fingers bled

And there would be

So much more that still needed to be said

I though I should have written a haiku

Started writing this
Then I knew what I should do
One, a message, two