I Got A Message From You Today (Aftermath)

I got a message from you today
It said that this was the bitter end
As much as you enjoy my company
We can no longer be friends
Aww mehn…
Go on then!
For friends I don’t beg

If you going then go
Dameon says so
The real me you don’t know
The same way I cut cakes
I can cut ties
Easy as pie…not talking bout pizza
Two words for you…See ya
Yea yea
It hurt at first
But I been through worst
So I know it’s your loss and not mine
You see me..
I’ll be just fine
In no time

Please don’t get this twisted
In a day it will be just like
You never existed
Delete me all you want
You’re long erased
I don’t need this excess
Never one to dabble in stress
Cause soon you’ll be back
Like nothing ever went down
You’re in the past as of now
Feel lucky if I even turn around

It’s always the same old shit
And I’m tired of feeling responsible for it
You thought it was all about YOU!
Get over yourself
Say no more
Your arrogance has me rolling on the floor
Go on out that door
Cause you turning into an eye sore

Real recognize real
Why do I see right through you?
Go on…move
Get out the way
I got to go seize the day
You know I don’t play
Time is money and you’re wasting it
When I’m making that bread and cheese
You won’t be one of the ones tasting it

This was in no way my fault
If you can’t handle yourself
And your feelings are out of control
That’s all on you
Do what you need to do
Cuz Imma do me too
So for now I’ll chuck up the deuce
Maybe even put down the index
At least in my mind
Already on to the next

I Got A Message From You Today (Initial)

I got a message from you today
It said that this was the bitter end
As much as you enjoy my company
We can no longer be friends
Well Kurt
Is easily hurt
You let me know that I did nothing wrong
You said it wasn’t me
It was you…

Another cliché pulled through
You couldn’t handle the attention
You said that
No one should be so nice to you for no reason
So in your mind you gave me
Wicked intentions
When all I ever wanted
Was someone just like you
Someone I could talk to
With whom I was just cool

No strings
Nothing more
Nothing less
You said you were comfortable with me
I said for me it was the same
But my life abides by the rules
Of Murphy
When it’s too good to be true
That’s exactly what it is
What can go wrong
Just will

I guess you felt yourself falling
Of course you couldn’t be the one to do it first
So you just left me out to dry
Feeling hurt
What else could be worst?
I respected you like you asked
Never pushed for more
I tried so hard to make you feel secure

I cared too much for your liking
You can’t talk to me because you like me
It’s that rough
I have to suffer due to your emotions
Or your lack to contain them as you wish
I never thought that it would come to this
A terminated friendship in a message
From all forms of communication
I was either deleted or blocked
When I read this bit
My world was indeed rocked

You couldn’t call me to tell me this
You couldn’t hit me up on chat
Oh yea…
You deleted my number
I’m no longer an instant message contact
I forgot about that…
So I’m degraded to another email address
That you only use just one time
When asked to save it
You just decline…

You care too much
And it’s a problem
You care to little
And it’s all the same
Different stories
With similar endings
Each time I can’t help but think
That it was my fault

Maybe something I said
Something I did…
I missed a moment somewhere…
I looked away when I should have looked at you
What did or didn’t I do
I don’t even reply like I want to
And that’s that
A friendship ended
I wish I could say why
Because after reading this message
I’m still lost
And for your sake…
I won’t even reply