Battle Against Fate

Life wanted us to wait forever

Just to be together

Now that we’ve crossed that road

We’re still fighting to be close

Delayed and cancelled flights 

Unexpected expenses 

Keep us far away

Distance will make us stronger

Isn’t that what they say? 

I can’t wait till it ends

To hold you in my arms each night

When everything in the world

Will once again feel

Just right

Bridging Their Love Lines

Far across the world they lay broken

In their beds

Each holding on to that memory

Of the night they first met

Which was also

The last time they saw each other

Two destined strangers

Who both had problems with their flights

Decided to grab coffee

While on delay that night

It was the first time in a long time

That either had laughed so much

At the end of the night she almost

Melted in his touch

As he brushed her hair behind her ear

She could feel his course fingers still

He could feel the place on his cheek

Where she planted the kiss goodnight

Watching her leave was a painful sight

They had barely shared

That their hearts were both broken

Though it could be seen in their eyes

Across many miles

They lived from one another

To fix their hearts

They only had to come together


They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
I hope for many reasons that this is true
As we both go our separate ways
We will see what this distance can do

Will it create anticipation of being reunited?
Have us counting down the seconds till we meet?
On each others minds for most of the day
Waiting on that day we once again become complete
Are you going to wait up because I promised to call?
Stay on the phone late trying not to yawn?
Not worried about going to sleep
The sun rises as we speak till dawn

Or will cause a schism better known as a division?
Delete the memories that were made?
Forget all the laughs and the smiles?
Cause all the feelings to slowly fade?
Will it change us from the people we used to be?
Act towards each other in a whole new way?
Our days wew once filled with sunshine;
Will it then turn to skies of gray?

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder
I hope for many reasons that this is true
I don’t know if you will miss me
But I know I’ll be missing you

Excerpts from a Love Poem

Our last night…
I remember it like I’m there now
A better way to show my love
I don’t know how
Our tears became one steady stream
I could not put in words
Exactly what that moment meant…to me…

I wiped the tears from your eyes
And you wiped those from mine
Now…I wish your fingers were here
To once again make my face dry
But there are no longer any fingers
Softly running across my face
Where you lay with me before…
Is now filled with empty space

I wish you were here with me
I miss you like crazy
And It hurts to know that you’re gone
I never thought that you and I
Would be apart for so long

I miss your voice
Even your singing
Listening to the stories you’d tell
I miss hugging you
I miss the way you feel in my arms
I miss your smell
I miss looking into your eyes
My senses are going crazy
Because I’ve lost a familiar stimuli
They refuse to tell you goodbye

Your smile is bright enough
To make all my days clear
Picture perfect
No other can compare
No matter how you wear your hair
You’re always my maiden fair
You mean the world to me
You make me feel like I can do it all
You’re there when I need a shoulder
Always at the end of the line when I call

I wish I could be there for you
For now…look for me in your heart
You’re here in mine
So we’re never really apart

When I think of how much I miss you
Tears slowly come to my eyes
But when I close them I can feel you
Right here by my side…