30 Day Challenge – Day 20

Day 20 – How important you think education is

I think that education is important, but to an extent. It’s important to learn the basics that we get in school growing up, but I believe that there is more that can be taught. Some parents and people place too much emphasis in the wrong aspects of education.

When standardized tests come into play, that’s when I draw the line. If you’re going to judge a variety of students on a generalized way of thinking, then you take the fun out of learning. Everyone learns in their own way and should be able to.

College degrees cost so much for information that you’re not likely to use again. The college I went to made everyone take courses that had nothing to do with their fields. They took hits to their GPA because they could not grasp something that they had no interest in being a part of in the first place.

I think that education should include skills that individuals will need in their daily lives. We never learn how to do taxes or how to build our credit, but I can tell you how to find all three sides of a triangle…