Final Encore

She would stand on stage, still, in a pose
As she waited for one of the greatest music ever composed
In her tights, dress, and shoes with much lace
Across the stage she would move with grace
Whether the music progressed fast or slow
With much ease, she cod follow the tempo
Her hair would hit her face as she would pirouette
As much as she turned, dizzy she wouldn’t get
Flying like a gazelle through the air she’d jeté
Gravity was gone, so for a long time in the air she stays

She jumps in the air clicks her heels
You can tell by her face the music she feels
Looking toward the crowd, she flashes a smile
Plans to continue giving a show worthwhile
She leaves them in awe still wanting more
Over the music they yell for an encore
Standing ovation, everyone on their feet
From young to old, not a soul in their seat

She had given up this art some time ago
Maybe there was little time or interest was low
She plans to come back, once more grace the stage
And with the music and crowd to be once more engaged
The venues will once again be filled each night
I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to see her in tights
I hope she’s ready to once again be showered
After each performance, the crowd will throw flowers

I’ll make it my goal to go whenever I’m allowed
As promised I’ll always be there, seated in the crowd
I’ll sit front row, every time I get a chance
Not caring about anything else but…
Seeing Her Dance