Lingering Stare

Her stare lingers on me

She looks over her shoulder

No words are exchanged

Just a stare between lovers

The longer we’re connected

The more I feel myself falling

A desire for her bulds in my stomach

I want her

I crave for her touch

She smiles at me

Still staring

She bites her lip

Maybe she’s feeling

The same thing I am

Stepping forward

She comes to me

She kisses my lips

There’s no hunger or desire from either of us

It’s soft and gentle

The lack of eroticism entices me

I want her more than ever right now


She couldn’t wait for him to undress

For she knew that in a while

She’s be tasting his flesh

When his mouth consumed hers

And when she bit into him

From the pleasure

He took his time

Teasing her without words

Slowly exposing bits of skin

Here and there

She bit her bottom lip in anticipation

He was going to take her

She was not going to resist

She belonged to him


Exhale Into the Darkness

The excursion to the cabin was to get away

Just one weekend for the two to be alone

To spend the quality time they seldom got

Clothes lay on the floor like breadcrumbs

They start at the door and move inward

Leading to the couch where they lay

Moving hips in a rhythmic motion

Her moans and his grunts fill the empty air

No lights on but the moon dimly shone

They were keeping each other warm

Making love with their bodies and souls

The fire in the hearth has long gone out

Hot breaths condensing in the cold

Passion Room

The door to chambers are pushed open
In she walks with hesitant steps
Her eyes catch him in the bed
They stay fixed as she gets closer

Each step heightens the already overflowing anxiety
She tries quiescence to avoid detection
No need for all the caution
For he stirs when she reaches the edge of the bed

Sitting upright, his legs find their way around her
Shyly she stands between them
Not wanting to meet his eyes
She looks anywhere but at him

He stands in front of her
Eyes locked on the windows to her soul
Hers have nowhere else to go now
With her face held in place by his hand

Coarse fingers trace over wanting flesh
Goosebumps ripple from her shoulders down her body
Hairs stand on edge from the sensations
His powerful kiss nearly breaks her

Every kiss on her body causes her womb to clench
Her soft hands touching him
Crumble his hard exterior
He loves having her to himself

When his monolith member makes motion
They both let out a gasp of passion
Rocking their bodies in a rhythmic escape
They get closer to the big release

I love you’s are whispered in ears
His fingers entangle in her hair
Her nails dig into his flesh
They kiss

Their passion climaxes when they do
Bodies lay in the aftermath of love
She still quivers from the ripples of passing orgasms
He lays in exhaustion, looking at her
Her eyes catch his once more
They kiss

Her Night 06: Resolution

I pull back the covers
Revealing where we will lie
I let you get in first
Cause I’m a nice guy
I turn of the lights
And darkness fills the room
The only illumination
Comes from the shine of the moon
I let you know
That I had a good time tonight
So I look you in the eyes
And this poem I recite

“Baby, this night was yours
Hope you had a good time
Now let me finish it off
With a little rhyme
I want to let you know
That I’ll always be here for you
Be your knight in shining armor
And help make your dreams come true
When you get cold at night
I’ll be the one you embrace
All you have to do in return
Is keep a smile on your face
I can promise you
That I’m the one to keep
Now let’s call it a night
And go to sleep
There is no one else
With whom time I’d rather spend
But in regards to your night
This is the end”

You turn over
And I hold on to you tight
One more kiss
Then we both say…

Her Night 05: Falling Action

On the way to there
I have laid a little path
And the same rose petals
Are floating in your bubble bath
The room is filled with candles
Giving of a floral scent
I thought it would add a special touch
And your night it would accent

You look so lovely
As you get in the tub
While you get in
I get a bottle of bub
I join you shortly after
Making the water splash
I pour myself one
Then I pour you a glass
I make a toast to your night
And our glasses clink
We smile at each other
Then both take a drink

You feel so good
Is it because of my charm?
Or do you just like that
The water is warm
Being here with you feels good
But I would prefer
If we take a break from the bath
And got in the shower
Where I can lather you up
With the beaded soap
Using either the cloth
Or the sponge on the rope

Wash my back
And then I can wash yours
Taking our time
As onto our bodies
The water pours
I couldn’t help myself
So I grab you from behind
We rinse off
While onto me you grind

Youre enjoying the time in here
I can say without a doubt
But it’s time to go to bed
We have to get out
I turn off the water
And help you to get dry
You begin to feel cold
As time goes by
You want to feel warm
What would be better than
Taking it back to the bed
Going back to where we began

Her Night 04: Climax

I move up to your face
As you try to get your breath steady
Move my lips to your ears
And ask you if you are ready
You slowly nod yes
But you wont get it with such ease
I want to have a little more fun
So I plan on being a tease
I wrap it up
Before we start to entwine
Can’t be stupid
I have both our futures in mind

I take my member
And rub it across the entrance
But into the wetness
I do not advance
You look up at me straight in the eyes
Seems like this thing is a must
I blow you a kiss
As into you I thrust
From the moment it happened
My biceps you grasped
Your mouth flew open
And you let out a gasp
But guess what baby girl
That was only half

I pull it back out
Then go back inside
The noises that you make
Don’t seem like they will subside
As I continue moving
It doesn’t take that long
For my rhythmic strokes
To be in tune with the song
Time goes by
And deeper in I go
The ecstasy you begin to feel
Is on another plateau

On my shoulder
You make a few smacks
As you dig your nails
Into my back
Missionary as we all know
Gets boring after a while
So I turn you over
To go at it doggy-style
From this position here
I can slap you on the rear
Pull on your hair
But still treat you with care

Now you get on top
And start to ride
I meet your downward motions
So that more pressure is applied
This must be your favorite
As you start to increase the speed
The more I give you
The more you ask, beg, and plead
For a while you’ve been fighting
But now you succumb
I can feel you get tighter
As you start to cum

You have a right to be tired
But this wont end soon
I can guarantee more
As I walk you to the bathroom

Her Night 03: Conflict

I can easily say
That this is my favorite part
As your legs I part
And look at that part
Of you that makes a part
Of me want to smile
I should take my time
Haven’t seen one like this in a while
Since this is our first introduction
A soft kiss I have to plant
Your body calls for me
A wish I’m willing to grant

This is just the beginning
There’s so much more in store
Before I start again
I kiss it once more
I want a better taste
So my tongue parts your lips
I try to look at your face
But your stomach has it eclipsed
I lick my way up
Then I lick back down
I’m going at it now
I’m no longer playing around

I like this so much
That I can’t help but lick away
The way I’m going at it
You would think it’s a buffet
I’m trying not to be too rigorous
As I massage your clitoris
Moaning is heard
As I give it a few flicks
That’s my cue to slow down
Don’t want you be done so quick
Then I take it into my mouth
Put it between my tongue and teeth
Then I start to nibble
As you grab onto the sheets

My hands move up your body
Time to add a certain stimulant
When I pinch your nipples
You begin to pant
I had a thought on my mind
No more will it linger
I lick one more time
Then I put in a finger
Twisting it around
Hitting that G-spot
From the expression on your face
I know you like this allot

Take that pillow off your face
Don’t be afraid to make noise
We’re here in the V.I.
I want them to hear you in Illinois
From the look on your face
I can tell that it felt nice
From the way you suffocated me
I can tell you came thrice
Lying on the bed
You look like you’re in peace
But it’s not over yet
Your night hasn’t ceased