​I know the smile on her face is a mask
Put up to keep the world from asking
Questions like what’s wrong
She’s growing on me
Though I haven’t known her too long
I know she gets stressed sometimes
Trying to figure it all out
We’re all in her shoes sometimes 
Never really knowing what life’s about 
When she starts to think
The snowball starts to roll
Before she knows it 
It’s spiraling out of control 
She tries to avoid complications 
That would only add on more stress
She’s looking out for herself 
Doing what she think is best 
Then along comes this guy
Who sets off all alarms
But works his way in anyway 
What are his intentions 
They all have them
No matter what they say 
Things start to feel
Filling us both with dismay 
She doesn’t want to deal with problems
I don’t want the problems 
To end up driving her away
I just want to take her far from it all 
If only it’s for a moment 
Forget about all the stress
Lose ourselves in good times
Not remember where the day went 
It’s complicated
Nothing is ever simple is it? 
My plans to help her feel better 
Are just another complication
Coming for a visit

30 Day Challenge – Day 07

Day 07 – What do you do when you need to escape

Life gets rough. And in those times, we all have our ways out or around whatever is bothering us.

Personally, when I am stressed, I read. Escape this world and enter the next.

If I don’t have a book, then I listen to music and my mood changes.

Lastly, I call my girlfriend and tell her to talk to me. She is my peace in all the chaos.

What do you do to escape?

Can’t Escape

There’s not a day that goes by
That she isn’t on his mind
If he hadn’t ask for one before
Well, this is his sign
He tries his hardest to not think
But still, she is all he sees
No where to turn
When will he be able to break free?

A part of him likes that he sees her
Sometimes he goes out of his way to look
He is so caught up in this
He searches for her name in books
Every corner he banks
He wishes she would be on the other side
He is hurt a bit
When this wish is denied

His eyes see his un-winnable prize
And all he can do is sigh
He can’t turn away
And doesn’t know why
He decides he wants to see no more
Tries his hardest to think of anything else
But this is easier said than done
Nature and life wont offer any help
Maybe it’s a signal
That shows how much his heart yearns
Because for some reason
He sees her…
Everywhere he turns

Own World

Sometimes I need a break from it all

From the stress

From the responsibilities

I’m not running


I just need a little time

To reflect on it all

To look forward

And think of what comes next


So my headphones enter my ears

And I am no longer here

I’m in my own world

Where no one can bother me

The music takes me on an adventure

To parts of my mind

Where I had put thoughts away for later


The stress melts away

The emotions are put at bay

Replaced by better ones

New ones

Just for this moment I am free

I can be in love with me

And the person I have become

I see my past and have no regrets

See my future and it is bright


In my own world

Listening to the music

Closing my eyes and fading away

Clear mind and eased heart

In my own world