For Her

Transparency was the word used
But when it comes to the truth 
Why would you pick and choose?
Makes me wonder
Did everything reach the table?

I wonder if he told her
That behind her back
He bonded with her friend 
She’d smile in her face during the day
Joining in in the games we played
Then find her way into his bed at night 
He had to have told her… 

Did he tell her about 
The girl who goes to her church
The one that bakes
She had the icing he needed
He had his cake and ate it too
He told her 
He just had to

Did he tell her about the sleepover? 
Waking up and kissing another in his bed
Did he mention she kept coming back?
Did it slip his mind?
It must have been that…

I wonder 
Did he forget to mention
Falling in love? 
Did he speak of
Trying to drown his feelings 
The vodka instead 
Leaving him unable to drive
Did he tell her where he slept? 
Tell me it’s not another tidbit kept

Did he talk about the forbidden place? 
Where he knew he shouldn’t be?
He couldn’t help but get more
Of the one who helped
Break her heart before
Maybe he couldn’t confirm her fears
So some things he didn’t share

Did he explain things like
When she couldn’t get him at night
Where exactly he was
And what he was doing with who
He should have
If he really wanted 
To be true…

I still wonder if he told her 
Or was it all hid
I guess he doesn’t have to tell her anymore 
I just did…
No secrets

30 Day Challenge – Day 06

Day 06 – 30 Interesting facts about yourself

01 – I have always liked writing. I used to change children’s stories to stories of my own as a child. Now I write poetry and short stories here and there.

02 – I like bacon. No, I love bacon.

03 – Finding 30 interesting things about me is going to be hard, because I’m too humble.

04 – I graduated valedictorian from high school. I was one of the smartest students in the school from 11th grade.

05 – I don’t like to be hot, I rather be cold.

06 – I do coral reef research. I am focusing on coral diseases. The study that I am currently doing is the first of its kind in my region.

07 – I am going to graduate with my masters in Environmental Science in May.

08 – I like romantic comedies. The combination of jokes and drama makes me happy. I like when they make me shed a tear. My girlfriend needs me to be her rock, so I can’t cry when she cries. 

09 – I was born on the French side of St. Maarten.

10 – Though I’m a scientist, I enjoy cooking and arts and crafts. I don’t believe that just because you do one thing that you can’t do anything else outside that scope.

11 – A good book can steal me away from the world for days at a time if it’s got all the things I look for. Thrillers are my favorite.

12 – The night is my favorite time of the day. I like the dark, but I am fascinated by stars and celestial beings.

13 – Crowds take the joy out of me, but I hate being alone.

14 – I have a fear of being unloved. I have no idea why, seeing that I come from a very loving family.

15 – No heights. No ladders. No rooftops. I hate heights.

16 – Albert Einstein has always been a hero and an inspiration to me. I wanted to be revered as he had been for my mind.

17 – Black is my favorite color.

18 – Eating out is one of my favorite things. I love food. I love trying new foods and new places.

19 – Taste is my favorite sense.

20 – I am allergic to peanuts. I have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

21 – I wanted to be a doctor, but I changed my mind after my sister and another person nearly died in the waiting room due to “procedure”.

22 – I want to visit the Seven Wonders of the World in order.

23 – I live on an island, but I can’t swim. I have tried to learn many times, but I just keep sinking.

24 – My love life has been cold and lonely up until the past few years. I have only broken up with one out of many girlfriends.

25 – Summers were spent in the rivers and bays of the island of Dominica. I loved getting away from the “city” life and getting closer to nature.

26 – Dressing up is something I enjoy doing. I like changing my look from rugged to fresh, it always surprises people. I like wearing ties.

27 – I love my girlfriend. She brings me so much joy. We’ve only been together for a short time, but it feels like forever.

28 – Home Alone II is my favorite movie of all time.

29 – I LOVE TV shows. When I’m not binging series, I’m watching shows that air weekly. I have a collection of over 70 shows that I have either watched or need to watch.

30 – I like fashion. At one point I was addicted to What Not to Wear and Project Runway. I still use my “fashion sense” daily in conversations with my girlfriend about her wardrobe.

There you have it, 30 facts. If anything tickles your fancy, leave a comment or shoot me an email.