Broken Eyes

My eyes must be broken

Leaking for so long

Just from a couple thoughts

I don’t want you to go

What am I going to do

Without you 

My eyes are broken 

They already long to see you

All the things about you

That gave them life 

My heart is broken

I feel it 

I know it

I’m going to miss you

Beyond my ability to describe 

Hurry up and come back

Fix my heart 

And my eyes

High on Love

Each night she would inhale his love

Her eyes would close and she’d drift away

There isn’t just one place that she stays

She flies over the moon

Goes to distant galaxies

Off of this interstellar high

When she comes down

He catches her in his arms

He was on the same high with her

Opting to land first with arms wide open

You can see it in his eyes

That he wants another hit

Another fix

Another taste of her high

They’re both addicted to one another

No intervention will come between them

Tunnel Vision

I can’t see anyone else. I mean, I see them, but there is no inkling to walk over and start a conversation. Anything that would usually peak my interest does nothing for me.

All I see is her.

It bothers me that she still finds others attractive in one way or another. It cant be helped, I know, just a little personal insecurity. She never acts on anything, so I know she is where she wants to be.

I trust her with my heart.

I will keep on loving her no matter what.