Through My Eyes

Stand in front of the mirror
Use my eyes to take a look
Maybe then you will see
How easily my breath you took
Your a beauty
I will always tell you so
If you had my eyes
You would really know
You’d see why I melt when you smile
Feel the same way I feel inside
Like your standing in water
And can barely feel your feet
And the one before you
Is all you need to be complete
You’ll see that just one look
And no longer are there words to say
If you had my eyes
You’d see things my way
Through my eyes you’ll see
Just how much you mean to me
You’ll see why I want you to be
The first thing I see each day
And the last thing I see at night
Oh, if you had my sight
There would be no need to ask
Why I stare
The answer will be there
Do you not see the brains?
How they work to maintain
An air of mystery
That has me intrigued
Use my eyes to look
For about a second or more
Maybe then you will see…
What I fell for

What Is It?

What is it about you?
Your eyes…
I think that’s what caught me
At times looking into them
Feels like diving into the sea
They hide your inner mystery
But there’s no hiding the fact
That the best part about looking at you
Is knowing you’re looking back

Your smile…
Every time you laugh
It’s like the room gets bright
It makes me feel
Like everything is alright
My rainy days go away
Whenever you’re near
When you take your lips
And spread them from ear to ear

Your presence…
Just having you close to me
Makes me feel
Like this could be a dream
I hope you know what I mean
Because I never felt such peace
And I don’t want this to cease

What is it about you?
There’s so much it could be
In life there are more than one truths
Maybe what it is is just…
Everything about you…