With Me

When will you see that you’re safe with me

You’re the one I love the most

When I hold you at night

Your eyes can close

Because I am looking over you

I will be the light to scare away the dark

Just listen to the beat of my heart

Your darkest secrets can be written in me

I will be your diary

Your secrets are safe with me

Trust is a must

Care is right here

I will be here for you faithfully

You are safe with me

No more worries

No more fears

No more anxieties

No more tears

Look at me


You’re s@fe with me

But Still…

She’s been broken and I see all the cracks

I see the scars on her back

The bandages are starting to peel

New ones need to be applied and I’m just the guy

Time has healed some wounds

Some have never gotten the chance to close

The lack of closure and expression leaving them exposed

She was unable to hold them all closed at the same time

She needed help to hold it all together

Happiness was needed to fill in the empty spaces

True love needed to be known

She held herself together for as long as she could all alone

No longer will that be the case

She had conformed to what she knew

So the old habits push away anyone new

Through it all I stand firm

I will not leave

I will push back until healing has been achieved

She was dragged through dirt

Been thoroughly hurt

Now I stand in the shower with her

Washing away the mess and the pain

Wiping away her tears

Saying it won’t happen ever again

With each kiss I see change

She smiles more

She forgets what she was put through

The road may be long

But it’s a job I love to do

She has been broken

But still…

I love h3r

First Glimmer

Getting onto the windowsill
My body lets out a sigh
As if it were automatic
My head tilts up to the sky
I see it glimmering brightly
A small light, it let out in a burst
There are no others around it
This one was here first
As I sat there looking
Others came into focus
But the initial one
Remained as my locus

The way life was going for me
It was beginning to look bleak
Somehow my heart opened up
And it started to speak
I want her to be able to hear me
To her I’ll no longer be a mime
I want her to take me on
If only just one time
I want her to see that there is truth
In every word that I say
To me, being with her
Seems to be the only way

Let her see that with her
All my time I’m willing to spend
I want her to see me as more
Way more than just a friend
In me I want her to see
That there can be success
When I ask her to be mine
Please help her to say yes
I wondered how I could put my faith
In something so far
But I put my skepticism aside
Thought of you and…
Wished On A Star