Its carnival time…good times all around
Overwhelmed with amazing sights and sounds
Let’s walk around and get lost in the crowd
Your arm around my waist
Mine around your shoulder
Holding you tight…
As the night gets colder

Let’s get on a ride
So you can scream out loud
Hit me when I laugh at you
Back on the ground
We could watch the parade
Or have one of our own
That no one will be able to rain on

I’ll empty my pockets…
Just to win you something you like
Throwing a ball like Babe Ruth
Shooting hoops like Mike
You cheer me on even when I lose
Then you scream when I win
Hand you your toy and you grin

If you get hungry from the walking
You could have whatever you want
Say no to that cute face…
I just…can’t
We could share some cotton candy
It’s almost as sweet as you are
But it still doesn’t compare
All eyes on us but we don’t even care
Let me whisper sweet talk in your ear
Hold my hand while the fireworks…burst in the air

You smile as the lights twinkle in your eyes
And mine, well, they’re on my prize
The last night is the best and worst at the same time
I enjoyed every moment we shared
I wish that it didn’t have to be over
Because you’re my new favorite glass of rum
And I’d do anything to not be sober