First and Last Loves

~ First Love ~

Falling in love for the first time
Such an immensely surprising feeling
It washed over me like nothing I ever felt
Hard to even describe how it started
But I remember clearly how it ended
Swiftly and bitterly
Without any hope of being mended
I put so much work in to make things right
Unable to stop things from going wrong
My first love did not love me for long
It was then that I started to believe
Good things were not for me
I was left asking myself if love was worth it
All the pain that I had to endure
How would I do this anymore?
Showing so much vulnerability
My first love taught me that trust cannot be given easily
I did not look forward to being in love again
I knew I would never forget what was done
For me there was no one

~ Last love ~

When I met my last love I got that feeling again
I was swept off my feet
Once more head over heels
Then I felt fearful
I would not relive the past again
I had been able to stop myself before
Still the ability to grow on me
Could not be stopped
I found myself in love once again
I learned so much from my love
I was taught that I should let go of the past
That I don’t have to be afraid to love again
Good things do have the ability to last
Being in love again
Erased all I have been through before
The warm felling I felt
Melted the ice that the first created
I was so unbelievably elated
I let my last love in and it was for the better
Such a refreshing change from the first
All I needed to do was let go
Stick with my new love and together grow