My Flower

She was a dropped rose

In a field of other flowers

When I saw her she seemed down

She had forgotten

That she was a rose

She lost knowledge of her fragrance

I picked her up and loved her

I reminded her that she was beautiful

I loved her forever

She was the only flower

That bloomed in my spring

We’ll Reap What We Sow

Let’s take this thing we have
And plant it like we would a seed
Being there for one another
Is something on which we agreed

Time is an important factor here
We need to be able to wait
When rushed, the chances lessen
To bring forth something great

The water that we use to grow it
Will never have to come from your tears
The land will never go dry
As I will constantly shower it with care

One of the most important things
That will bring forth height
Is if we come together
And let hope be our light

We cannot just sit back
And leave it out there in the soil
These things require
That we give our all and we toil

When we look back on it
We will see that we were
Nurturing and caring for it
Letting our love grow….

Like a Flower