Keeps Me Grounded

Once, twice, thrice

Always so nice

She’s the one who’s there

When all crashes down round me

After going through hell

All that I would want to see

When I’m upset and confused

She tells me it will be alright

I listen to her every word

And I never put up a fight

Because when I’m listening to her

I know what she says is right

She’s the warm feeling

Deep in my soul

The one that helps me feel better

When all around seems so cold

The umbrella from the rain

Keeping me dry

The one that wipes of my face

If ever I start to cry

What would I do without her?

Where would I be?

Who would help me out?

Who would look out for me?

Lost without her

Like my own GPS

She always points

In the direction of success

She’s the best

Wish I had known this before

Now all I can do is watch on

As she walks out the door

Though it’s not closed

And is still ajar

Nothing else would seem

Up to par

Can’t find the words to describe

Anything anymore

So for this dedication

This is it…

No more…


Come here to me where I stand
Come over here and take my hand
What’s taking so long
I don’t understand

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For the day that we thought would never come

You can’t see where you’re going
You need to look ahead
Look towards me and I will guide you
To a place where you can rest your weary head

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For this day that we were to make our own

Every day is like the last
I try to fill your mind with new memories
To erase those from the past
But each day they last

I’m waiting for you at the doorway to forever
Where I’ve always been waiting
For a day in the future yet to come

Am I not The On3?

It’s Official

We promised today that we’d let the world see
The truth in what we both feel
We belong to one another
Now and forever
You and I will remain together

Anniversary Zero
This is where it begins

From this day I tell them all
That I will always love you
I will cherish you
You will be protected
Never neglected

It’s official
Girlfriend and boyfriend
Presented to the world
No matter what may come
She will always be my girl

I trust her to be there for me
To continue to stay true
She will be my motivator
Does all she says she will do
She will be there when I’m down
When I’m at my lowest
She’ll turn it all around

Together we’re going to make our dreams real
Together we’re going to start traditions
Never sleeping when angry
Always going to bed in love
Snuggle, cuddle fitting together like a glove
Waking up in each others arms
Breakfast in bed always works like a charm

It’s official
I love you
They all know it
I love you
And forever
I’ll always show it


When we chill in the room
And it’s only me and you
One thought has me consumed
I always want to kiss you

When we’re on the phone
I call you my beau
I think you can hear it in my tone
I always want to kiss you

Sometimes when it has been all day
And seeing you ls long overdue
I want to end the delay
I always want to kiss you

Maybe this kiss will turn me into a prince
For sure my dream will come true
And I’ll be happy since
I always want to kiss you

This is on the top of my to-do list
Something I may not get to do
But I surely insist
I always want to kiss you

One day I’ll get success
And I’ll get through
Until then let me express
I always want to kiss you

With You

Give me the choice to weather a storm with you

Or to enjoy the sunshine alone

And I’d tell you to grab the candles

Because without you it wouldn’t matter

How brightly the sun could have shown

I cherish the time that we spend together

Whether it’s talking about nothing

Or doing something

I’d give anything

To be with you

I’d walk until unable to take another step

Just to share the same air as you

To be close to you once again

And hold you tightly in my arms

That warm feeling that you give me

I couldn’t find anywhere else

No matter where I look or turn

Nowhere in this world

It’s something that only you can bring…

My heart starts to sing

The second I see you enter the room

When I see you smile at me and I smile back

Cue heart attack

Or suffocation due to stolen breath

It’s a dizzying feeling

A feeling like no other

And I’m glad that I get it

At times I wonder if you feel it too

That feeling I feel

When I’m with you

Soul Mates


A soulmate doesn’t always have to be the person that you marry.

A soulmate is anyone who you know is going to stay an important part of your life for a long time to come. They are people with whom you can connect. They people that you can lean on in times of need throughout life. Soulmates take you to another level of self. They make you a better person in more ways than one. I am one of the lucky few to stumble upon my soulmates. Yes, Plural. Two to be exact.

The love that I have for and with these two individuals transcends any love that I have experienced in my life. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for them and I know that that goes for them as well.


He went from friend, to best friend, to brother. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even see it happen. The other reason that I can’t time it is that it was so easy. We basically fell into place in each other’s lives. We had so much in common that it was like I was hanging out with myself. There is a mutual love between us. A mutual respect. I trust him with my life and I know that it goes both ways. We look out for each other. Whenever we have anything in surplus, we share with one another. He has done more for me than any human ever has. His last showcase of character brings me to tears daily. He gave me something that I know was probably the hardest thing he has ever had to give up. Just to bring me happiness. Disregarding his own. I love him.

Brothers for Life


She was the apple of my eye once upon a time. We fell for each other easily. In light of events that took place, we had to back out of each other’s lives. We were selfless. Over the years, she remained close. Not by choice, but by circumstance. Day after day, we piled more dirt on the buried feelings that tried to rise like zombies from under the ground. Just like zombies, had the feelings come to ground, they would cause chaos in the peaceful lives that we were trying to keep. I’ve seen her cry and she has seen me cry. We’ve seen each other at our highs and lows. Even though we knew the way to stop the tears, we kept crying. It was easier to cry than to cause pain. I have always loved her.

In Love Forever

Two soulmates.

The climax of the story.

My two soulmates were once each other’s soulmates. When I said that we had a lot in common, I wasn’t lying. The reason for my tears today is that my brother, my other half, gave up the thing he cherished most because he believed in me. He believed in me. He believed that I would treat her right and keep the pain from her eyes. He understood the pain that I was going through trying to find something that was right in front of me all along. I have to believe that it wasn’t easy for him. It would have killed me daily. He will never know the level of respect and love that I have for him because of how much he sacrificed. If it was strong before, the bond that we have now is shatterproof, waterproof, bulletproof. I will never let him down and I will make sure that his faith in me is rewarded and was not put in the wrong place. I will cherish her the way that he expects me to. I will not let him down.

I am in love with her. He can see it.

I love him. She knows it.

I am mentally and spiritually connected to them both. They both finish my sentences and I finish theirs too. Sometimes we have to tell each other to get out of our heads because we have this ability to know what the other is thinking with nothing more than a look. It is so natural that we do not even make note of it. When we are together, everything is great.

Hanging with him makes time speed by. Sometimes I feel like there isn’t enough time for us to continue having fun. Sometimes we do simple things. Moments that are cherished. Grabbing a bottle of rum and drinking under the moonlight at a beach somewhere. Talking about everything and nothing. Making plans for our future. Just living life in the moment.

Spending time with her is a similar opposite. Time slows down, but there still isn’t enough of it. We do silly things. Things that make her happy. Collecting shells on the beach or looking at fish swim near a dock. Talking about everything and nothing. Making plans for our future. Just living life in the moment.

With them, I am something. Without them, I am nothing. They bring joy into my life and tear away at the fears and insecurities that I’ve lived with for longer than I can remember.

I love them both…

They both love me…

I am the luckiest man alive to be able to experience such love firsthand…


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