If you took a look at her

The butterfly in my hands

You’d never think that a caterpillar

Could become this

So Beautiful

But I knew

I always did

I always saw the potential

Even when she couldn’t

Maybe that’s why

She could fly to me

She knew

That I would understand

The care it would take

To delicately shelter new wings

Wings that when first appeared

She was afraid to showcase to the world

She kept them wrapped

Tightly closed around her

Keeping in

Her pain


And insecurities

My love helped her relax

And unfold her beautiful wings

She let go of it all

They are now proudly spread wide

And now

She c@n fly…


Who Will Free You?

Find someone who’ll free you

And let’s you be the real you

You follow?



I’ll take it slow

In relationships

We change ourselves

In order to please

Or to avoid looking


The person we once were


Becoming a distant memory

We add layers to ourselves

Don masks

Enslaving ourselves mentally

Waking up each day to be someone

That we know we’re not

But we do it

Because that person might be

All that we got

We end up


Questioning the identity

Of the person in the mirror


When someone comes

To free you from yourself

It’s scary at first

All the things that annoyed others

Are the things they love you for

They take away all the pain

The hurt you once felt

They see past the layers

And extend a hand

At the person deep within

Telling them that everything is alright

Sounds good, right?

Well, I did say it was freedom

So find someone who loves you

Flaws and all

You’ll never be loved better

Find someone who will free you

Try to free them too


She always wanted to feel whole
She puts the drink to her lips


She let’s the music move her soul
As she sways her hips


She dances to the beat
Moving her feet


She kisses my lips
Closes her eyes


My love gives it to her
To her I’ll never deny