​I know the smile on her face is a mask
Put up to keep the world from asking
Questions like what’s wrong
She’s growing on me
Though I haven’t known her too long
I know she gets stressed sometimes
Trying to figure it all out
We’re all in her shoes sometimes 
Never really knowing what life’s about 
When she starts to think
The snowball starts to roll
Before she knows it 
It’s spiraling out of control 
She tries to avoid complications 
That would only add on more stress
She’s looking out for herself 
Doing what she think is best 
Then along comes this guy
Who sets off all alarms
But works his way in anyway 
What are his intentions 
They all have them
No matter what they say 
Things start to feel
Filling us both with dismay 
She doesn’t want to deal with problems
I don’t want the problems 
To end up driving her away
I just want to take her far from it all 
If only it’s for a moment 
Forget about all the stress
Lose ourselves in good times
Not remember where the day went 
It’s complicated
Nothing is ever simple is it? 
My plans to help her feel better 
Are just another complication
Coming for a visit

Puns For You 07

I know in my heart

That there is nothing that you can’t do

Once you set your mind to it

You will make it happen

You have overcome so much

That nothing should make you feel

Unable to get past

Or get through

The sky is the limit

And if ever you need help

I’ll be right here with you

Till the 3nd


The water that was thicker than blood has been diluted. Titrated over time and colors changing. Maybe just becoming more true. Nothing to do but get used to it. I mean, it’s not particularly unfamiliar. Just another point on the trend line. But it’s fine. Just didn’t expect it. Oh, the things we believe in.

It’s not my place to say that wishes are being misplaced. Not my place to say that the genie will never be able to deliver. The end that is being longed for will never come. I can’t say these things because it no longer seems like the things I say matter. If I don’t matter, what impact can my words have? What a feedback loop.

I’ve changed nothing though. I won’t. No need to. I’ll continue to do the things that I used to do. If it’s not recognized, it’s not on me. Blatant things are so hard to see. Blinded by what I don’t know. At the end of the day I know that I was consistent. Nothing more that I can do but let what is speak for itself.

I wish Peace, but I’ll never let it Out. I wanted Good, but you already said Bye. No help needed in the destruction. If anything ever mattered, you know I’ll be there to pick up the pieces.

Cryptic? Maybe. Meaningful? Definitely.