Drip Drop

No trust means that the faucet stays closed

The flow of water that I expect is non-existent

I get only what comes through from the pressure in the pipes

Drip, Drop

I am thirsty for love and I want the faucet to open

But, I do not dwell on things that I know may not change

So I’ll close the faucet tighter and feign a quenched thirst

Drip, Drop

I’ve watched the water be wasted before

Instead of catching it I looked on as it swirled down the hole

So I guess it’s fair that I be without water myself

Hold On

Let me tell you something, if you feel like letting go
How to pick yourself up, so you no longer feel low
No matter what life throws at you, never stop from trying
Do everything else, you can even resort to crying
Try these steps out, I know you got friends
Doesn’t matter who, or how much time you spend
Ok, call them up, wait a while, let the phone ring
I know you want to hang up, but you’ll do no such thing
Ah, they picked up, now let your feelings out
Tell them everything, what the situation is about
Say what you need to say, keep nothing in
Let your soul speak out, from deep within
When you done venting, something good will come after
The both of you will feel happy, and be filled with laughter
Don’t you feel better? I knew this would help you
You can always do this, when you don’t have a clue
We’re here when you need us, only one call away
Some might leave, but the real friends will stay
We are all humans, I have no expertise
But I can tell you this, life comes with little ease
I’m always here, if you need someone to call upon
My message will remain the same, simply…Hold on