Her Night 03: Conflict

I can easily say
That this is my favorite part
As your legs I part
And look at that part
Of you that makes a part
Of me want to smile
I should take my time
Haven’t seen one like this in a while
Since this is our first introduction
A soft kiss I have to plant
Your body calls for me
A wish I’m willing to grant

This is just the beginning
There’s so much more in store
Before I start again
I kiss it once more
I want a better taste
So my tongue parts your lips
I try to look at your face
But your stomach has it eclipsed
I lick my way up
Then I lick back down
I’m going at it now
I’m no longer playing around

I like this so much
That I can’t help but lick away
The way I’m going at it
You would think it’s a buffet
I’m trying not to be too rigorous
As I massage your clitoris
Moaning is heard
As I give it a few flicks
That’s my cue to slow down
Don’t want you be done so quick
Then I take it into my mouth
Put it between my tongue and teeth
Then I start to nibble
As you grab onto the sheets

My hands move up your body
Time to add a certain stimulant
When I pinch your nipples
You begin to pant
I had a thought on my mind
No more will it linger
I lick one more time
Then I put in a finger
Twisting it around
Hitting that G-spot
From the expression on your face
I know you like this allot

Take that pillow off your face
Don’t be afraid to make noise
We’re here in the V.I.
I want them to hear you in Illinois
From the look on your face
I can tell that it felt nice
From the way you suffocated me
I can tell you came thrice
Lying on the bed
You look like you’re in peace
But it’s not over yet
Your night hasn’t ceased